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Farts, eh….. -_-…. read on!

Well…….. here’s another one I missed during my childhood – and that rather surprises me since it has The Shat in it! Not that The Shat is The Shit or anything (I was always a Spock guy) but I used to try and catch things with people from Trek and Star Wars because I was a kid and didn’t think anyone would be in anything else. Stupid kid!!  I don’t feel like I really missed much, honestly – this thing was NOISY as shit, kind of boring and, I know everyone loves Lee Grant but I thought her and her character were pretty irritating. The skinny: A female reporter defends some murderous housewife so Michael Ironside spends two hours trying to kill her. In a hospital. He also bites a girl in the back. And wears Grant’s earrings. If this is your favorite movie – wonderful!! It didn’t do the trick for me. I did like this chick though:


HMMMM – it looks like she’s been in a couple of True Bloods – I’ll have to go back and watch em! Remember the other day when I was moaning and crying about the fuckin’ story of my life? How about this – I’ve been wanting to do an entire series of some TV show for ever and I never got around to it but finally I made the Resolve to fucking go for it man and I thought about what I wanted to do for weeks and then I made a decision and I brought my The Complete First Season box out of the cabinet and sat down wondering if I really wanted to do this and how I would approach it and then I got excited and opened up the Deadwood Season 1 box and unfolded the flaps and ——— DISC ONE is missing and I can’t find it anywhere!!!!!


Or how about the other day when I was at work and decided to go outside for a break (I take the stairs) and right as I passed the second floor landing I stepped down and accidentally farted in the stairwell and it was loud and echoey and at just that split second someone opened the door to go downstairs too and witnessed the entire thing???  *sighs* What can you do….? Press on, right?? So, press on I have and here we are today writing and reading about Michael Ironside biting someone.


I relayed that story about farting in the stairwell to my friend so, naturally, Chris @ FILMHIPSTER and I are cooking up another beauty for you. Here’s a teaser:


I’m not in the habit of posting twice a day but I want to try a new feature out. We’ve got a piss-your-pants funny interview tomorrow so I am going to post a little something later this afternoon and we’ll see how it goes.

THANKS for reading!!!


  1. Wordschat

    The poster looks like the VHS poster. I’m old enough 50 to have had a Betamax . Theirsa TV rifle wave disaster movie on Netflix I’m itching to watch. These two sound badly fun.


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