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I’ll be honest – I had been reading so many good reviews about this movie that it was really putting me off watching it. Plus – what’s up with Gordon’s nose prosthetic?? Warily I rented this a month or so ago and, excuse my French, but GOD DAMN this was awesome!!! I know there’s some plot holes and scientific irregularities but, this was all kinds of right up broadway, for me!! Wicked ass action, cool story telling, excellent use of Slo-Mo, I thought Emily Blunt was a stud, that scene at the bottom of the stairs with the little kid blew me away and Bruce Willis was a total bad-ass!! LOVED IT!!


Who hasn’t seen this besides Misty? After this finally made it out for renting,  I think everyone I read out here has either written about it or was getting ready to or something or other, so there’s probably not too much else to say that hasn’t been said already – and MUCH BETTERly by the way : ) – other than: I LOVED THE SHIT out of this!!


I thought Emily Blunt was pretty awesome –


Bruce Willis was bad-ass and Joey Gordon was pretty wicked.


Everything was going pretty, pretty good with LOOPER and then we get the scene depicted above that sent this to Five Top Hat City for me. 1) it’s almost all slow motion, 2) I had no idea what was going to happen, 3) it blew my fucking mind and I really did watch it three or maybe four times.


If anyone reading this HASN’T seen this or even heard about it, here’s the synopsis for it from IMDB:

The US President and UK Prime Minister fancy a war. But not everyone agrees that war is a good thing. The US General Miller doesn’t think so and neither does the British Secretary of State for International Development, Simon Foster. But, after Simon accidentally backs military action on TV, he suddenly has a lot of friends in Washington, DC. If Simon can get in with the right DC people, if his entourage of one can sleep with the right intern, and if they can both stop the Prime Minister’s chief spin-doctor Malcolm Tucker rigging the vote at the UN, they can halt the war. If they don’t… well, they can always sack their Director of Communications Judy, who they never liked anyway and who’s back home dealing with voters with blocked drains and a man who’s angry about a collapsing wall.

OH SHIT!! Silly me!! That’s the synopsis for THE LOOP a political comedy with James Gandolfini in it that I have never heard of in my life. Here’s the skinny on LOOPER:

In 2074, when the mob wants to get rid of someone, the target is sent 30 years into the past, where a hired gun awaits. Someone like Joe, who one day learns the mob wants to ‘close the loop’ by transporting back Joe’s future self.

Crazy auto-fill!! Anyway – believe what you’ve heard and give this a check out. It’s all there and it’s wicked-good.


  1. I love it when this happens. Something gets built up to the point that you’re almost dreading it, then you discover that it truly is kickass! Great stuff! I haven’t seen it, but I might just seek it out sometime soon after reading this. 🙂


    • theipc

      I know!! “BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH it’s so good you HAVE to see it!!!!” and we’re all eye-roley and then you watch it and it’s lame – kind of like Zero Dark Thirty (which I’ll put out in a couple of days).

      But this one delivered the goods!!! I don’t think you’ll go wrong with this – beware – it’s awful bloody at some points : )


  2. Wordschat

    Hear me now and listen to me later; this one rocked no matter if in present or future tense. JGL as Willis’ younger self was great and the tine paradox works. Fun review you dis IPC.


  3. Great review Issac. Didn’t have me as emotionally-invested as I thought I could have been, but still, a pretty solid sci-fi flick that’s heavy on story and characters, which is all that mattered to me.


  4. HEY!! I watched this! Okay, I watched like the first 30 minutes of it and got bored and went to bed but still. :-p I think this one is just one I have to be in the mood to watch and I so wasn’t when I tried.


  5. Awesome review, I absolutely loved Looper. Recently did a review of it myself on my film blog I just started. Great site by the way, I am now a follower. Come check out my stuff if you get a chance, hopefully you will like what you see.


    • theipc

      I sure will Monster! Thanks for the read and the follow and the comment and the compliment!! I’ll go check your site out real soon!


  6. davecrewe

    As my partner pointed out when we watched it, that slow-mo scene was great for a handful of reasons, but one in particular: you spend a good chunk of the film wondering why on earth this scary mob boss is called “Rainmaker” and then it reveals the reason for the name in a totally amazing way. How good was the child actor, by the way!


  7. First things first, the other synopsis you gave is the film version of one of Britains most critically acclaimed political comedies. I havent seen it 🙂

    I liked Looper. I didnt love it. The kid annoyed me, and the whole spoiler…………………………………….mutant thing fucked me off. Nice write up though dude 😛


  8. Top marks you say? I enjoyed this too but the second half let me down a little. It lost it’s momentum when it landed on the farm. Still, it’s a great little sci-fi. Nice write up mucker.


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