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I remember seeing this when it first came out on VHS – that’s right – V-H-S back in the day when I lived with my old roommate and we really liked it but, unlike normally playing videos down until the tape was so worn out it wasn’t viewable, we never watched it again and I spent my time getting destroyed in Madden ’98 to the record of something like Rob: 347, Eric: 1. So I watched this for the first time in 13 years yesterday a month ago and I actually really liked it again. I really don’t see what there’s NOT to like about it, honestly, unless you’re looking for a bunch of action. Lola spends a lot of time actually running down the streets of some city in Germany, but that doesn’t bother me. This will sound weird but I like it when people run in movies. Like Kate Winslet at the end of THE LIFE OF DAVID GALE or Nic Cage in NATIONAL TREASURE 2 or Mel Gibson in GALLIPOLI.  But I recognize that I am different.


Are you familiar with this? Red haired Franka Potente must figure out a way to get 100,000 Deutschmarks or her boyfriend is gonna get killed!


The story is told in three parts. Her boyfriend calls her, tells her he’s lost a bag of cash and the mobster dude’s going to kill him, so she hangs up the phone and runs out of the apartment and down the street. One of the cool things I like about this movie is, when she interacts with someone on the street, we get a fast-photograph look at how their lives are going to end up. Mostly poorly – but more to come on that. In part one, Lola runs down the streets and runs and runs and runs and runs to get some money from her banker dad. This doesn’t end up well and she gets shot in the gut by the cops. But she’s not ready to die yet, so we start over again.


She hangs up the phone and runs and runs and runs and runs and runs and ends up back in the bank but this time her boyfriend Manni gets killed. So we start over and she does some more running and bumps into the same people but this time their futures are more rosy because we know this time she’s got it all figured out and everything works out real nicely in the end. I mean, this isn’t the perfect movie or anything but it’s certainly enjoyable and the only thing I think I didn’t love about it was that it was in German and subtitled – which doesn’t bother me – but since I had to read it I couldn’t really mutli-task and it’s very hard for me to just sit still and not fiddle around with something.


I actually wrote this thing a month ago and then the day I was going to post it someone else posted about this movie and I didn’t want to look like some fucking copycat so my creativity is feeling unfulfilled. Maybe I’ll come back this afternoon with something else. Maybe another song. Or something.


    • theipc

      Hi Misty!

      I think I even liked it better this time around – honestly. Now that I pay more attention to things since I do this blog : )


  1. Lemuel Severance

    Funny you say that about running in movies…when I watch movies with my daughter and someone is running – we call whoever is running “Tom Cruise” or we compare their running to Cruise – so this weekend it was “if only Daniel Craig was as fast Tom Cruise he would catch up to that guy” – Skyfall – – and – “wow – look at Jeremy Renner go – – he’s almost as fast as Tom Cruise” – Bourne Legacy


  2. I will now be watching this on Netflix, bypassed it a few times so thanks. Running is both good in movies and is the most benficial form of exercise 😉 (I run) Catch me if you can was a good running film as was The running man 🙂


  3. I ❤ Gallipoli! Seriously, such a bloody great movie! 🙂 Run Lola Run is also pretty cool. Love the different perspectives and the shifts to graphics. Love European film. 🙂


  4. Nice review! This is a solid film that I only saw a few years ago for the first time. Still holds up well with a solid soundtrack.

    Now what’s this VHS thingy you’re talking about? Must be before my time. 🙂


  5. This sounds so familiar and I’m pretty sure I saw it when I was (very) little when we used to rent VHS tapes with parents every other night. And I like people running in films too, it has this feeling of build-up tension.


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