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Let’s go ahead and get this off the table: this is a weird fucking movie. You know what – let’s get this out there too before you choose to read on or make a determination about this movie: in this you will see a man graphically tugging on his weenus, a man getting it in the butt with a giant strap on, a LOT of female flesh, simulated sex and a TON of —————— artsy fartsy fucking dancing. If you’ve ever been curious how I strum up some of this shit let me set the stage: I get home from work, I have a beer or two, hang with the wife and animals, do some drawing or writing, remember a movie I read about during the day that interested me, go to Netflix, find it, queue it up, look at my existing queue, think “what the fuck is that” (that I queued up a month ago), read about it and think “oh – that’s right”, queue up everything “similar” and forget about them for a month.


Then I get surprised when something  like THE BOOK OF REVELATION arrives in the mail and I put it in and I’m all “What the fuck is all this dancing bullshit?? What the fuck is this?? What the fuck have I done to myself??” Then things got a little bit spicy and interesting and then this went to Boresville and eventually ended on a somewhat decent note. There aren’t many pics out there to download except for the few I found so don’t be offended by this next one:


So what’s this about? A (I guess) “famous” dancer does some dancing and then goes out for some cigs and disappears for something like twelve days. Then someone dumps him out of the back of a van and his lips are all chapped and he heads home and is all sorts of fucked up in the head. Through flashbacks we learn that he was kidnapped and sexually abused by three women wearing masks and robes and now he’s free and all jacked up. The rest of the movie is him brooding and silent talking and eventually he may or may not discover one of his tormentors. Oh – he also goes around banging a bunch of women.



This movie is very good looking and detailed and well acted and you can tell a bunch of hard work went into this, but I had some problems – and maybe it’s just me. I mean, I think most guys who like women would probably pay good money to get a chance at having constant sex with three beautiful women (except maybe not that whole butt rape thing) and this guy is that visibly upset by getting a BJ? His character’s girlfriend is pictured below and they kind of make it seem like he doesn’t like her very much – so we know he likes chicks. Also – if they have him chained to the floor like that for twelve days, what did he eat? Where did he poop? If he didn’t eat or poop for twelve days, how was he so strong and able to do that intricate dance for them before they let him go? What’s with the fucking ending? Was that her or not for chrissakes? And who writes on a chalkboard like that (up above)??? No one!!


Anyway… I don’t know. Sure it’s “good” but it takes itself very seriously and you get to look at a guy beat it (which isn’t really my thing) (well I guess you don’t have to look at him beat it but you also don’t have to look at that dead animal on the side of the road either… but you do) so, whatever. I’m sure I’ll never watch it again but, if nothing else, it does have Anna Torv in it. With all of that being written, and since I teased the other day, this has been a tough week and after lunch – by request even!! – I’m going to put out another song for our commutes home for our weekend! I hope you like and THANK YOU BELOVEDS for reading!!


  1. I must leave this blog now, or I never will. I am in pain from laughing – I swear to God! Okay – What the fuck is all this dancing bullshit?? Where did he poop? And who writes on a chalkboard like that ??? No one!! – Just a few of my highlights!!!!


    • theipc

      Don’t leave me!! Or at least – COME BACK!!!

      HA HA HA you have made my day great!!

      and – who does write on a chalkboard like that???/ NOBODY!!! COME ON!!!!

      : )


  2. I have nothing clever to say but I got to work too early so here I am again reading your stuff instead of working. Anyway – this movie sounds wank! I like that your biggest concern is where the guy pooped. 🙂


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