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I remember when this came out and I read about it in the newspaper (yes I still read the newspaper) and they hailed it as “brilliant” and I thought it looked like some boring yawner with a mopey hot chick in it and a guy that pops up in just about everything I see. Well – the other week I got up early and the wife slept in so I turned on the TV and this was on and I was like “Hey!! That’s the chick from SOUND OF MY VOICE!” So I gave it a shot and I have to say that this was really good (to me). I thought it looked sharp, Brit Marling is hot and a good actress, William Mapother really acted his ass off and the end, which I won’t spoil, rocked my lame ass. And no – this is NOT a horror – it’s Sci Fi (loosely) but more of a drama.


If you, The Most Beloved, have read my shit for, say, a week or so, you know that I’m not the guy who thinks too hard about shit and what shit means and dives into symbolism and all of that shit – I’m just a guy that likes beer and movies and then I try and write something witty about them and hopefully entertain five people for ten minutes. Well – while I was watching this, I  started looking at the IMDB boards and there are ZILLIONS of people out there hating on this movie for not being “true” Sci Fi and then other people countering with “IT’S A FUCKING METAPHOR YOU FUCKING TROLLS GO FUCK YOURSELF AND DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!” (which is typical out there), but, either way, it’s a well made movie with good acting and, however you want to look at it, the end was beautiful.


If you’re not familiar with it: Marling is a brilliant high school student who gets accepted to a ritzy college. She parties it up one night and, at the soiree, it’s announced that another planet has been sighted and “they” are calling it Earth 2. That night, on the way home, she drunkenly crashes in to Mapother’s SUV, kills his family and puts him in a coma. She does four years in the joint and then gets out and this movie is all about remorse, redemption, forgiveness and transformation.


I think we’ve all gone to some sort of schooling and we know that if a planet the size of Earth was anywhere near us, our Earth would fail and we would all die. So, hmmm, metaphor? Probably. However or whatever you want to read into this, this is a good movie. Sure it’s slow sometimes – but – who cares. In the end, it left me thinking and so far, this Marling chick is two for two in my book.  Now she needs to go make some horror movies!!



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  1. It’s funny how there are those people who just crop up in loads of different TV shows/films but you can never place their names. I also like that you still read the newspaper. 🙂


    • theipc

      I do! My wife thinks i’m insane but I love the feel and smell of the paper : )

      Thanks for the read! I know you’re a busy lady : )


      • No, I think you’re quite right! We just got a puppy (yesterday!) and real, proper newspapers are coming in very hand right now! 😉

        Not at all, I’ve missed your blog! It’s nice to return to some semblance of normality. 🙂


  2. I respect your opinion here bro bug I thought it was pretty shit. 😉
    Sorry for such blunt honesty. The idea was great and very intriguing but the film itself laboured the issue and turned out to be rather dull.


    • theipc

      Well – we won’t always agree : )

      Different things work for different people – of course.

      I appreciate your honesty, my man! Always!


    • theipc

      Hey me too!I It was going OK, not too bad not too good – had me hooked and then the end was FANTASTIC.

      Thanks for the read and comment!


  3. meeradarjiyr1

    Nice write up! I still haven’t had a chance to see this yet, I remember watching the trailer like ages ago! Seems good though, I’ll check it out soon 🙂


    • theipc

      Do you have TV in your new habitat? I caught it on cable : )

      I know Mark said he didn’t like it it but the response has been pretty positive – I think this is one YOU will like : )


      • I do not. I had the option and politely declined because of my views on the majority of television. 🙂 I may just have to buy it but I’m fairly certain I’ll love it so…

        It’s been on my watchlist since last year when one of my directors of a couple of my shows told me about it when we were talking about creating web series and stuff – it was apparently like so low budget you wouldn’t even believe.


  4. Wordschat

    I’m caught up now on blogs. I really liked this movie. The Saw Lady who played the saw is on my Twitter followers. An excerpt of my review is on the composer’s site. A believable deep tale.


  5. Seen this too!!! 😀 Thought this was really really good. Yeah – I have access to the iPad at the moment, making it a million times easier to read people’s blogs than on my stupid phone for a change. I’ll stop poking around & commenting on everything for now! Lol


  6. Is it a metaphor? I wouldn’t know; I just thought it was interesting and I was especially pleased the film didn’t try to explain Earth 2, y’know. scientifically or anything… because it doesn’t matter. It just is. Anyway, my thoughts were suitably provoked. In a good way. Cheers.


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