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Here’s a quickie about this if you’re on the fence whether or not to see this this weekend (and the we’ll get into some deeper thoughts below): this is a total must-see-in-the-theater if you’re into stuff like this, but be warned, it’s a bloody, bloody motherfucker with a handful of seriously sphincter clenching, squirm moments. I don’t think anyone will come out of this thinking it’s the most terrifying thing they’ve ever seen, but it’s good, good, bloody fun! Now scurry on out to the theater, grab some nachos and have a good time!


Now… let’s see what we’ve got. First – I am now fully in ❤ with Jane Levy. I really like her TV show “Suburgatory” but she’s won me over with her performance in this.  I LOVED her! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Here’s some history with me and the Deadites…


I remember the days when there used to be a single, stand-alone movie theater that you and the family could go to that showed ONE movie for a month. I also remember when it was safe for a fifteen year old to walk a mile with his buddy to this theater at night and not have to fear for their lives. So – in 1987, Evil Dead 2 came out and my friend and I moseyed our way to whatever that building was called because the movie poster had a big skull with eyeballs staring at us, calling us to come see it. So we did, and we loved it and then however many years later we went and saw Army of Darkness at the mall and laughed our asses off. “GROOVY……”


It wasn’t until about ten years ago or so that I had a roommate move in and we sat around drinking cheap beer and even cheaper Scotch all the time, watching his collection of old VHS tapes, that I saw the original. I don’t know if this is going to be Horror Movie Heresy but I thought the original was boring and after it was over I was all “What he hell was that?? Gross. The second was the exact same thing but less gross.” Drink, drink, “Let’s play Madden 98.” So, in my opinion, since I’m all about honesty here: The first one was lame, the second one was simply the first one with a bigger budget and some slapstick comedy, the third one was – to me – a horror comedy, so, this one, don’t throw tomatoes and cabbage at me, with it’s balls out blood, carnage, tongue in cheek references to the previous three, well done acting, Jane Levy and real, practical effects, this one….. is my favorite of them all.


The last two were just kind of silly, in my opinion, sure – great, but silly. This – this doesn’t take itself too seriously, dumps TONS of blood all over the place and all over everyone and is more of a straight up horror movie that is going to be a part of my collection when it comes out. Sure, it’s not that scary but for like minded people like our little collective out here, how long has it been since you’ve been physically scared during a movie? For me, that’s been years. I think I got a little squirmy in LOVELY MOLLY, but I haven’t had “the feeling” since I was a kid. Sure, I pooped my pants a little bit the first time I saw THE DESCENT, but it’s been a long, long time since I felt like hiding in the cupboard, crying and trembling all night.


So, yeah. I really liked this but I have a feeling it’s going to be judged harshly due to the zealousness of people who hold the first three as classics from their youth. I mean, this isn’t a stand alone film at all, because the source material is what it is, but I really dug it. I think the only problem I might have with this is that I didn’t get “The Scare” which I had kind of expected. This was totally worth the 185 dollars I spent at the concession stand : )


  1. Oooh! Oooh! I don’t know where to start!
    I saw Evil Dead when it came out (yeah, yeah, I’m a breathing fossil) and it was very popular with me and my mates.
    And yes, Mr Eric, you have written words of blasphemy!
    BORING?! I laughed my guts out! I also laughed some more guts out watching Alien when the little cutie alien burst out of John Hurt’s chest, looked around and scooted off, evidently much to the annoyance of the person sitting behind me who started kicking the back of my seat. Hmm, you make me laugh a lot too. Stop that! If this keeps on I will end up a gutless wonder.
    Where was I?
    Oh yes. A remake! I usually find that scary in itself. But not in a good way. However! Despite the blasphemy, you have persuaded me that I need to see this.
    I did tell you I’d be back… 🙂


    • theipc

      I could have seen Evil Dead in the theater – I guess we’re both fossils – NO – we’re in our prime!!

      I don’t know – maybe I had had too much cheap Scotch that night, but I remembered I was bored to distraction and that last “melting” scene went on forever, if I recall correctly. I don’t know – maybe I should check it out again. Either way, it’s now been about three hours since the movie let out and I already want to see it again. For real.

      It makes me very happy that you’ve come around to give me a talk : ) Love your work!!


      • 🙂 When my sister finds this fake blood recipe she told me about months ago, I want to pour it on my head and make some lovely red photographs.
        I might dedicate them to you, Mr (I love lots of blood) Eric. Perhaps I ought to send you the recipe too. 🙂


  2. Wordschat

    I’m sitting outside the cinema where I just saw it. OUCH that is gonna leave a mark!! I loved it. Jumped a few times and squirmed more than a few. Loved the foreshadowing music. Never seed any of the others. One negative; the character of Dave looked and even sounded too much like Zac Ephron (hot as he is). Staying till very end till screen copyright not to miss a thing during credits to last second. Wordschat rating 4 Stars. I’ll copy this to mine later when get to my PC. Cheers IPC


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  4. Eek! These guys look more dead than The Walking Dead zombies! How would you compare the two in the make up department and visual effects? TWD is one of my favorite shows, but this movie seems scary!


  5. Currently watching the 1981 Evil Dead – so far so nothing. But I feel as if I have to start from somewhere so why not with the ones that aren’t so good in order to actually recognize the awesomeness later on. Nice review!


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  7. I liked a lot about this one as well, but I agree that it could have been scarier. And yes, Levy was awesome in this. I regret that I barely mentioned her great performance in my review.


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    • theipc

      I do, my friend, but I don’t have much invested in the original… Like Tyson said, I appreciate it for what it was and what they did with no money, but I really didn’t care that much when I saw it…


  9. I am a huge fan of the original. What really gets me is those people who criticise this remake but make it out to seem like the original was perfect. Nostalgia mixed with elitism is something that bothers me at times about certain professional horror reviewers.


  10. You’re right about it not having many actual scares. Honestly, that red band trailer led me to believe I was going to be in for some crazy shit, and while it was gory, it never really clicked inside my brain as being “awesome.” I liked a bunch of scenes, for sure, but I dunno. Something was missing. I want to see it again to try and figure out what I don’t like about it. Maybe Cabin in the Woods ruined this kind of shit.


  11. I thought that this was incredibly well done. It looked amazing and was put together really well. I really liked it and I am glad to see that you did too!


      • I don’t get it. This movie just… wow. And I loved the posted, though it was certainly NOT the scariest thing I have ever seen…

        I love reading them, you are endlessly entertaining!


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