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What can I say about this that hasn’t already been said by 12,803,995 better bloggers??Yeah, sure – it’s real good. Jessica Chastain is hot and acts her ass off. So does a guy named Jason Clarke.  But it’s also about an hour too long, were those torture scenes REEEEEEEEAAALLLLYYY that necessary and everyone the principals talk about have those (no offense to any Arabic readers) (and no offense if I’ve used the term “Arabic” incorrectly) those long Arabic names that I am not familiar with so it was hard for me to follow along. I’ve read a LOT of reviews about this and hung in there through the first two hours waiting on the big “money scene” (if you’re not familiar with what this is about I would be very surprised), but then the fucking thing was all filmed at night so I couldn’t really see what the hell was going on??!! ARGH. Like THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES BY THE COWARD ROBERT FORD, this felt like it took ALL DAY to get through – but, yeah, sure, it’s good.



  1. Jason Kindleman

    I’ve had the DVD at the house for days, but when I saw it was almost 3 hours long I just couldn’t commit to the chunk of time to watch it. Sounds like I made the right call. I miss the days when your average film was 90-120 minutes. It forced the writers/directors/editors to cull all the unnecessary footage/dialog/etc and make a film that moved along and held the viewer’s attention. I’ll watch this since it got 4 TopHats, but if you’d given it only 3 I might have decided to skip it.

    And hey…have your reviewed “There Will Be Blood”? I’d be curious about your take on that.


    • theipc

      Kindleman!! I’ve missed you out here – dude, you know me and the wife – this really took us all day on a Sunday to get through – but yeah – it was “good”.

      I never have talked about There Will Be Blood – but now I’m going to – because you asked about it! Take it easy out there, mi amigo.


      • Jason Kindleman

        Oh I’m still around, though just lurking for the most part. I read most of your reviews. Back to this Zero Dark Thirty, our little buddy that might actually know something about this whole deal gave it a big thumbs up. That alone makes me want to watch it.


  2. Wasn’t very keen on this one, man. It verged on propaganda ad the events it depicted, I just don’t by. There are strong arguments and evidence that Bin Laden was dead already which, if true, would make this film one big pile of shit. Who knows? We may eventually get the truth one day. 😉


    • theipc

      OH – I’m with you all the way – truth? Who knows? I still thought it was “good” despite what might be running around behind it : )


  3. I still haven’t seen this one, to be honest I had forgotten about it a little until I just read your top notch review! Thanks buddy, I’ll renew my efforts to get hold of it 😀


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