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I have never claimed to know anything about anything (and no one ever tells me nothin’), so I can’t go out and say that this is a “classic” or anything, but I think it’s held in high regards. Or is it “regard”? I don’t know anything. Anyway – I liked this movie. A lot of the shit that comes out these days is pretty stupid (but not EVIL DEAD!!!) and I miss old horror movies like this ~ you just don’t see things involving middle aged men and ghosts any longer. I thought this movie was smart and creepy and they really built up a lot of atmosphere. I mean, it didn’t make me shit my pants or anything, but I thought it was pretty good – especially that seance scene. If you want to give this a shot – it’s worth it, but…. it’s also really loud in that 1980’s screechy, early Dolby way. OH!!! It’s also Canadian.


So George C Scott’s wife and kid get run down in cold blood so he moves to Seattle to recover. As we all would do, he rents out the biggest, creepiest house in the state – to live by himself and grieve – and ghosty things start happening. No one believes him, of course, but then someone does and they have a seance and he has a heart attack and he and this one lady uncover a 60 year old mystery involving a dead kid and the dead kid’s replacement: “the changeling”.


Scott actually uses that word in this movie, which might put people off:

Scott: “You’re the changeling”

but if you can get over that, I think people will probably enjoy this. I mean WHO calls people that anymore?? NO ONE, that’s who. Well – maybe people in Manassas. Manassas, Virginia. Maybe. I can just see this playing out:

Eric (exits car, sniffs Manassas air, leaves blow through street): SNIFFFFFFFFFFFFF. AAAAAAHHHHHH

Manassas Mayor approaches subject, extends hand: How do y’do, son? Thanks for stopping by our small town. What interests you in our fair city?

Eric: Well, I wrote this post on my blog one time about this movie called The Changeling and I mentio-

Mayor reaches into interior vest pocket: WHAT did you just say, son?

Eric: I have this movie blog I do – I said somethi –

Mayor presents Derringer, cocks it: So YOU’RE the one!!

Eric: What? HUH?

Mayor shoots me in the thigh. I spend the rest of my time on Earth locked up in a prison cell, exploring the justice system through an endless sequence of appeals.


Wait – what were we talking about? Oh yeah – The Changeling! I never saw the Clint Eastwood one from a couple of years ago because it looked really fucking boring but I don’t think it had anything to do with this. I won’t say that this movie is a lot of good fun, it’s real serious and all of that shit, but it’s pretty good.  Plus, there’s this:


I don’t know how anything works or anything, but when I Google imaged “The Changeling 1980”, this came up which has nothing to do with the movie at all, but I’ll take it:


Then again – so did this:



  1. Google tracks every search you ever did and keeps trying to ‘sell you’ on products you have shown interest in. One time I looked for a pic of Godzilla – for 6 months, no matter what I searched for, Godzilla would come up in the pics. I searched for a Ford Mustang – down on the page…Godzilla – I searched for the best planting time for Tulips…Godzilla. Apparently you had searched for Amityville Horror, or Margot Kidder, or ‘naked breasts in movies’ recently. 😀 Nice review, love this movie, too.


  2. Yay! Canada! Gotta show some love to my country! Seeing as it is a Canadian movie, that’s not SO out of place, is it? I have heard about Changeling actually but I’m only diving into this whole horror genre of any I’ll get to it eventually 🙂 Awesome review especially the insert about dialogue with Manassas mayor and all 😛


  3. OH Eric, you make me laugh so much! those last two pictures you got when googling changeling!
    Yeah, and your ‘lunch.’

    By the way, I’m sitting at my sister’s computer, with, you know, a screen, instead of looking at my phone.
    The header I’m looking at is the one with a smiling girl with a bloody fork in her hand standing under a mirror ball with a slightly dazed looking man. I burst out laughing!
    Because that’s the one I thought might be you and your wife at a wedding party or something. I said to you you look so cute!
    Think I need some new glasses too.
    You must think I’m a total nutcase!


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  5. Good review! Good movie. This one used to scare the crap out of me and my brother when we were kids.

    Oh and looks like Google’s been tracking some of your more discreet searches 🙂


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