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The only reason I had an interest to watch this movie was one of the actresses. When Quirk Books released “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls” (a review over on the library page) they also produced a “book trailer” which was one of the most awesomely fun ideas – and awesomely fun to watch. Anyway, the actress doing the lead Elizabeth Bennet in the trailer is a really hot act, so I checked her out on IMDB and found out she was doing a horror called “Maskerade”. A year or so later the movie is released to video under the name Mask Maker – which I would have totally ignored for the crappy movie poster – but – I wanted to check her out in more than a five minute short. While I can’t say that I was super impressed with this thing, I would give it a mark above most of the other bullshit I watch, because it was kind of cool to see something that wasn’t totally fucking STUPID. I thought the acting was good enough, the babes were hot (especially Anabella Casanova), it had, from ”Weekend at Bernie’s”, Bernie himself as the drunk “You’re all gonna die!” character and – I thought the way the villain “changed” throughout the movie without a lot of exposition was creative and not pandering.  I also liked the fact that, unlike so many slashers, the victims in this one actually fought back (when they could) instead of just getting offed. Then, I thoroughly liked the actual end – one of those – didn’t see THAT happening; it’s not a stupid twist ending, it’s pretty conclusive.  All in all, I was entertained for a couple of hours and would watch this again. Be warned – it’s pretty gory.


Not your grandfather’s Bernie.

There’s two stories here, one told in flashbacks about a “witch” who had an illegitimate son with her neighbor (Treat Williams of all people) who is “teched by the devil” (according to Bernie). Anyways, Treat’s wife cuts the boy up real fucking good and he suffers from a disease that causes his face to slowly rot off. I won’t spoil anything here but flash forward fifty years to the present day where we see a hot young couple buy a plantation dirt cheap. They move in and, of fucking course, fiddle with the Indian burial ground next door and – bad things start to happen.  Soon enough, they have four comely friends over for sexing and drinking and…………… more bad things start to happen. Naturally, through attrition, we get to the final scene and the final survivor – then we close up with a kind of surprising big finale.


Not very pretty: this man.

So, overall – this isn’t anything that hasn’t really been done before, aside from the way the killer changes himself up throughout the movie – which, again, I thought was creative. I liked it. One last thing – my first thoughts about this was the guy was making some sort of evil Halloween masks or something – let’s just say that’s not the case here at all. If you haven’t figured it out, he’s making himself new faces, masks, out of the pretty young thangs.


OOOOOOOOOOPS!!! How did this slip in here??


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