Isaacs Picture Conclusions



This is still pretty new so there’s not many images I can lift off of the internet, so I might not be able to represent this as strikingly as I could. because that’s how I roll out here – strikingly LOL. Let’s set one thing straight – this is a very slow move with long, deliberate shots. For example, the opening scene follows a little girl on a bike riding down a street, up her driveway, into the house and sees her head over to the kitchen while the camera heads out through the back door, through the yard and down to the beach this house rests on, to the dad character smoking a cig. If you’ve seen this, or see it, once you’ve registered the ending, this scene makes for a good – “aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh very clever!!” moment. Again, this is slow, there’s not a lot of action, but to me, the end REALLY made this stand out to me and I really liked it. Kind of like AMBER LAKE or ANOTHER EARTH or THE HIDDEN FACE, this takes it’s time and gets to the point.


Methodically, we watch as a husband and wife and their little daughter take up life in a new home. They are clearly all not on the same page and it doesn’t help the situation that the wife’s mom is constantly badgering her about leaving the husband. Before too long they start interacting with the townspeople who don’t seem to care for them too much (presumably because they’re not “locals”) and we learn that the wife has some sort of mental disorder causing her to have horrible visions and eventually things get really out of control leading up to the big final act and something that I seriously doubt you will see coming. All in all – a very solid movie, to me, but it could be boring to some Good Readers. I know someone I recommended it to watched it and didn’t care for it as much as I did.


See how this lady looks right now? Would you call that forlorn? There’s a lot of that in this movie. A lot of forlornness. And a lot of contemplative thinking. And a lot of bickering. But the last act really did it for me and I totally liked it. It’s even better after you’ve seen it through the end and think back on everything that was going on. If you’ve seen this, please don’t spoil it in the comments below. 


On another note ~ tomorrow’s a big day for this site!! It’s the Opening Ceremony for SHITFEST 2013!!! I received a bunch of hilarious submissions over the weekend so this is looking to be a wonderful showcase for a lot of people’s work!! I’m very excited!! There’s still room for more, so if you’ve wanted to send something over, please do: Tomorrow we’ll roll out the barrel, spray Schlitz all over everyone, publish the worst song EVER made and our Master of Ceremonies will get things started!! I’m pumped!!


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