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SHITFEST 2013 ENTRY 2: 88 MINUTES (2007)

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Director Jon Avnet released this film with Al Pacino just before “Righteous Kill” in 2007, where he reteamed Al with Robert DeNiro. If you have seen the disaster that that film turned out to be, then you pretty much get the idea where this one is headed. In fact, if I were DeNiro I’d be pretty peeved that Al never mentioned a word about working with Avnet – a director of such stinking magnitude.

Dr. Jack Gramm (Pacino) is a professor of criminal psychology who has also helped the police with the conviction of a serial killer, awaiting execution. It transpires though, that the good Doctor may have got things wrong in his findings and it’s also at this time that he recieves an anonymous phone call informing him that he has 88 minutes to live.

The plot sounds not too bad, doesn’t it? Wrong. It’s garbage. It’s all over the place and the attempts at tension are feeble are best. The only thing that stands out, is that Al probably spent more than 88 minutes blow-drying his ever increasing hairdo.
It’s a waste of time even commenting on this turgid affair as it already stole more than enough from me. I do this as a warning to all. This is unequivocally the worst Pacino film I have ever seen – and his worst performance. He spends a lot of the film on the phone and on second thoughts, he could have probably phoned in a better performance rather than wasting his (and our) time turning up at all.

Never mind minutes, 88 Seconds is too long for this piece of shit.

THANK YOU MARK!!! Sounds terrible! Tune in tomorrow for another pile of shit to not step in!!! BTW, if you have submitted something – I am posting these entries in the chronological order they were sent over. If you submitted multiple times, I hope you understand that I want to give everyone who submitted something at least one shot at winning the big prize! Love it!!


      • GaryLee828

        Unfortunately, so. Delivered by Neal McDonough when his character made an attempt at being menacing. My friend and I saw this at the theater and when he said that we both sighed simultaneously. lol.

        Mark knows what he’s talking about…


      • GaryLee828

        Yeah, he’s a good actor, but what was he supposed to do with that script? lol. Even Pacino turned in a mediocre performance…


  1. Oh man this movie sucked! Pure SHIT! I gave it a 20% on my site saying “Someone please throw Pacino a bone, preferably one with a lot of meat left on it because his career surely needs it after this monstrosity.”


    • theipc

      It does, doesn’t it? Sounds terrible. I barely remember the commercial ads for this and thought – WTF is Pacino thinking???

      You send it to me and I’ll get it worked in:

      : )


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