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The Shittiest Movie of 2012 

Premium Rush 30% 

I’m taking a stand and saying that this ‘shitty bike chase’ was the most over-rated, frustrating disappointment piece of shit of 2012…a few exciting moments, albeit loaded with repetitive content doesn’t make up for allowing poor Michael Shannon to be lost in a convoluted plot with no substance and presenting an unfathomable story that nobody can believe in.

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Be sure to check in this weekend  (I know we’re all busy on the weekends) for a couple of entries from myself AND a very special exclusive interview!! (The interview is a special feature and does not count toward the big prize). HAPPY SHITFEST!!!


  1. GaryLee828

    Okay, some may not like this film, and the last 10 minutes was a typical corny Hollywood conclusion, but this was not shiftiest material! This was not on “88 Minutes” level.

    I liked the film simply b/c I immensely enjoyed Michael Shannon chasing Joseph Gordon-Levitt thru New York City. That in itself made the movie worthwhile.

    Yeah, maybe some of the supporting actors weren’t great, but WHO CARES – this was about MICHAEL SHANNON and he was awesome in it AS ALWAYS!!! 🙂

    Filmhipster: I expected MORE out of you! Mark brought it yesterday! I’m surely gonna bring the shit when it’s my turn – and out of all the shittiest movies out there you think that THIS is the worst of the worst!?

    Get him out of my sight right now! Get him out of my sight!!! 🙂


    • theipc

      I can’t comment on the actual movie since I’ve never seen it and I doubt I ever will – but I thought this entry was fantastic!!! : )



    • This movie was shit, if you thought this was good then maybe you should clean out your shit-o-meter cause it ain’t workin’ too good. Michael Shannon is one of my favorite actors and just for making him go through with this shitty movie makes it shit in itself.


      • GaryLee828

        You think YOU deserve the shit crown!? I already have a space cleared off on my shelf for the shit trophy! When my entry comes on here and brings the shit it’s gonna be a total shit-storm coming like few shits have ever shat! You wouldn’t know shit if Brian tossed it at your head and Eric smeared it all over you! You think you’re the shit, but you’re not. I know I’m the shit and I got the shit to back me up! You don’t know shit!



  2. I couldn’t agree more with Filmhipster… this movie was a total piece of shit. And sorry to say it, but Michael Shannon was complete garbage. I think he was the worst part of the movie for me.


  3. Awesome work Film Hipster. Bonus points for saying shit twice in the first sentence.

    Shame you won’t win though because I’m going to blow everyone out of the water with the little piece of shitfest I got brewing.


  4. Chris brandt

    This movie wasn’t awesome but I certainly didn’t expect to see it at shitfest. What’s going to be next, point break


  5. I for one am shocked, SHOCKED that Premium Rush would turn out to be a bad movie. I mean, I thought a taut thriller about Joseph Gordon-Levitt going for a bike ride would be a life-changing experience, which is why I totally did not see this in the theater but waited for the DVD to come out on Blu-Ray so I could watch it in the privacy of my home in order to facilitate the ensuing catharsis I was planning to have. And now my hopes are dashed.


  6. It’s like when Jeremy Renner still had to do publicity for Hansel & Gretel even though it was made before he was in better movies. He was not a happy man on that campaign trail.


  7. Haha! Trust our Chris to deliver the goods on the graphics. Excellent stuff. I haven’t seen the film but I’ll trust your judgement man. Good claim for Shitfest winner here.


  8. I think there were worse movies than Premium Rush in 2012 (Snow White and the Huntsman anyone?), but this comic book-style entry was hilarious. That opening image was too perfect to NOT INCLUDE a fart sound, and based on that alone, I can see why anyone would wanna submit this for Shitfest.


  9. davecrewe

    I thought this film was a lot of fun! Nothing too substantial but not a bad way to spend an hour and a half, for the most part.


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  11. I just watched this and had a lot of fun with it. Is it the greatest thing ever, no but it sure as hell was entertaining and damn it that’s all I need. I did love the comic style that was added. You made me want to watch this again.


  12. Mrs. THEIPC.ME

    So the Mr. and I landed on the POS movie and are in total agreement that this truly did deserve to be on shitfest!!! Sooooo many questions!!! Why JGL did you do this movie? Who thought this was a good idea? If JGL wanted some exercise couldn’t he just workout off camera like the rest of us?! Geez…..thank god it’s over!


  13. Tom

    Honestly shit my pants reading this post. Heartbreaking. Joseph Gordon-Levitt AND Michael Shannon AND that really cute girl from Entourage that Turtle hooks up with in the seventh season??? and it’s still bad? well, damn it all


    • theipc


      When we posted this back in May, I hadn’t seen it. The wife and I watched it a few weeks ago and I have to agree with Chris on this one – pretty shitty!

      Thanks for the comment, Tom!


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