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shitfest-2013 banner



Director: Eric Red

Cast: Mariel Hemingway, Michael Pare, Mason Gamble

While on a journalism assignment in Nepal, Ted (Michael Pare) and his girlfriend Marjorie are attacked spontaneously by a beast (while they are having sex). The beast sweeps down and shreds Marjorie to pieces while Ted rummages for the gun and blows off the beast’s head but not before he gets clawed by this creature. After vanishing for a while, he comes in contact with his sister Janet (Mariel Hemingway). Through a turn of events, he ends up parking his trailer in her backyard and staying in close vicinity to her, her son Brett (Mason Gamble) and their German Shepherd dog Thor. During his stay there, Thor starts acting strangely towards him and we get revealed to his slow transformation into a completely uncontrollable werewolf. His last hope is that the family love that surrounds him will be enough to pull him back from being completely a wild beast.



Did that sound remotely interesting to you? My DVD box has zero description since it was a 4 movie DVD. Its a pretty normal werewolf story. On top of that, nothing really happens in this movie. I literally was banging my head against the table 30 minutes in and hoping that it would end. I fought the urge and kept watching this while fighting the urge to do something on the side. By the time we hit an hour, I had seen enough Ted and Thor stare-downs Β to last a lifetime (and more banging my head on the table). That’s what this movie was about mostly. Thor being extremely smart and noticing this because of course, dogs sense the danger of wolf around or whatnot. Thor would just sit in front of the trailer door and observe his every move. Every time Ted came out, stare-down, look out the window, stare-down, talk to Janet or Brett, stare-down. Somehow this didn’t alarm Janet and she’d just say the same line over and over and over again. “Come Thor Come boy”…I’m just saying if my dog was eyeing something a lot, I’d check out what the deal was.



There was action though which actually happened for 10 minutes before the ending of the movie when we finally saw the “epic” werewolf transformation. I was reading comments on IMDB and someone said it was one of the best werewolf transformations in movies. If that person is reading this post, I’m sorry but I disagree. That cannot possibly be the best transformation. I don’t watch an immense amount of werewolf movies but I’ve seen enough to know that it can’t be. I mean I like Silver Bullet and that werewolf didn’t look all that impressive. So, I’m not even going to go judge the graphics behind it because this movie is about 15 years old or so. It was not that great.



By the way, did I tell you this was a horror movie? Because its not scary, not even gory when they were shredding Marjorie to pieces. I’m on the record to be mega chickenshit, like MEGA. I get scared of movies that normally people don’t get scared of. This one was not scary at all (and I watched it alone). However, this movie did threaten to be a “so good its bad” movie right from the first dialogue before the sex happened. The dialogue/script was so bad….and the actors were horrible. At the end of the movie, it seemed like the characters were interpreted in a way that conflicted the impressions they wanted the audience to get.



I could seriously go on about how bad this movie was but cheesy and/or repetitive dialogue, bad acting, boring, slow, choppy and not scary already did it for me. I started regretting joining this shitfest and telling myself how stupid I was to do it by the end of that. This may not be as bad as what I’ve seen some others review on other blogs but seeing as the worst horror I had seen to date is Pulse 2 (and that movie wasn’t that bad in comparison)…this one was snoozefest along with shitfest.


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