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Hi everyone, just a quick note to explain my somewhat of an absence. I took Thursday off to rest (work has been very busy lately) and write and I ended up watching six straight hours of Hemlock Grove (it might sound pervy since I’m old but I think I’m in heart with the Shelley character). I took off today with the wife so we could get some things done and then in a few hours we’re going out with some friends to have a swanky dinner and then hobnob with snooty socialites at the event center downtown at a Jerry Seinfeld show. Yes – the Shitmaster has to take a shower, shave and wear…….. SLACKS!!!!! ARGH!!!!!! I draw the fucking line at anything that requires a neck tie.

Tomorrow my man Bruce (The Bone Doctor) is rolling in to town at the crack of dawn so we can go see the new Star Trek and then I imagine we’ll drink dozens of glasses of whiskey and smoke cigarettes all day and into the night playing epic rounds of Trivial Pursuit. Sunday I imagine I will be one hungover motherfucker so I’ll probably be a useless fuck all day and all of this is to say that if I am not getting back to comments or hitting your blog, it’s not that I am acting like a dick – it’s just I’m awful busy this weekend.

I eLove you all in that eLove way that respectable people can eLove each other and THANK YOU ALL SO FUCKING MUCH FOR MAKING SHITFEST A TREMENDOUS SUCCESS!!!!

On a last note, I want to thank The LAMB for finally accepting me into their ranks and as soon as I get some time to remember how to put your logo on my site – i will!! THANKS!!!


  1. Sounds like an EPIC weekend!! I am going to a clambake/pig roast tomorrow thrown by my old roomies which means there might be one or two shots of tequila so I imagine I will be joining the hungover ranks on Sunday – except I have to meet my bf’s mom for the first time!! Oh, the joys of partying then meeting parents. 😉

    Have a great kickawesome weekend and come back with stories of Jerry Seinfeld and The Bone Doctor and take pictures of this whiskey drinking cause now all I can picture is that Christopher Walken character on SNL…

    Also yay for being a LAMB!!!! 🙂


    • theipc


      This should be an epic two days for me – WOO HOO!!!!

      Have fun at your clam bake!! Remember – only ever have one or two shots of tequila. I know Bruce and I will only be having one, maybe two glasses of whiskey!!!

      Have a good weekend!!

      YAY LAMB!!


  2. Have a super fun weekend! It sure sounds that way!
    I won’t be posting much either this weekend! Bacholerette party tonight and then Sunday is my friend’s wedding and on bridemaids/cellphone duty all day starting at 6:30am..haha! 🙂


  3. GaryLee828

    Jerry Seinfeld is opening for Scrotey’s stand-up act – and you somehow landed tickets!? You lucky bastard! Filmhipster Chris is going to be quite jealous.


  4. I’ll be drinking tomorrow night for my birthday celebration, so I might join the hangover club. I’d kill to go to a Seinfeld show, that’s for sure.

    Nobody said you have to shave and shower just because you’re wearing pants. Make them understand that.


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