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My first post-SHITFEST post… : ( SNIFF… that was so much fun… someone get me a tissue….

I went and saw this in the theater on a date with the pre-wife wife and when I came out of there I was blown away by how much I liked it and felt attached to The Security Guard and his silent, melancholy hero who doesn’t even want to be one. I have regarded this thing in very high esteem and considered it one of my favorite movies. I can’t believe it’s been thirteen years since I’ve seen this but I gave it a watch the other week and came away with a different feeling about it. I still think it’s a very well made movie with great camera work, nicely done acting, good characters and all of that, but this time around I found some flaws that were – well – kind of irritating… I don’t know if that gets a : ( or not but… spoilers to come!


I can’t imagine that anyone HASN’T seen this except for maybe Misty or Kim but, if you’re not familiar with this: M. Knight Shyamalanaboomboom followed up his brilliant THE SIXTH SENSE with this (and then made a couple of decent movies before he started making HORSESHIT for a living). My man Bruce Willis is David Dunn, security guard, who is on a train on his way back from New York when it derails and he is the only survivor. And he doesn’t even have a scratch on him. Soon he gets a note from a strange character played by Sammy Jackson whose bones break at the slightest touch. Jackson thinks Dunn is the opposite of himself; Jackson is “breakable” and Dunn is “unbreakable”. The rest of the movie is Dunn discovering the hero within himself.



So… let’s address what bothered me this time around…. and don’t forget, I like this movie, just not as much as the last time around.

1) If water is his his big weakness… how does he take a bath or shower??? What does he drink??? You have to drink water some time. The body NEEDS it.

2) So he set those kids free and they just decided to hang around in the rain? Instead of say, calling the cops? Pretty convenient to be there when he falls in that pool.

3) If he’s so strong and can bench 500+ pounds, why did it take him a good two minutes to *choke* that guy into submission? I think he could have just slapped him on the back of his head and knocked him clean the fuck out.


And what’s up with Samuel Jackson’s hairdo? Also – you’d think if Mr. Glass was that brittle he would have broken into a zillion pieces when he fell down those stairs. Oh well…. I still like it, it’s just now I seem to have found some holes. In any case, that scene toward the end when he shows his kid that newspaper clipping and you can just see how amazed and proud and sincerely happy he is about his dad – it’s gotten me misty eyed twice….


I also just watched THE SIXTH SENSE and THE VILLAGE (which I also liked) and have to say that UNBREAKABLE is, to me, easily Shyamalanamammajam’s best movie.

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  1. I saw this one, I thought it very contrived. And another one by M Night Whatsit that was so incredibly boring that I can’t remember its name. Mostly trees waving about making people commit suicide. Or something.


  2. kloipy

    Great review man. I agree it definitely is his best. I personally like Signs the best, but this is a close second. I really dont’ want a sequel to Unbreakable, I don’t think it is the story this movie means to tell, it does what it needs to and probably the best look at an origin story we will get.


    • theipc

      Hey man!!

      I could do a sequel… IF and ONLY IF he abandons this idiotic mess of “emotionless dialogue” that is RUINING everything he does before he even gets into production… terrible.


      • kloipy

        I don’t think we will get another ‘good’ M. Night film. I don’t think he has it in him. I think he got too much praise at the start of his career, it went to his head, and now he doesn’t know how to write or direct anymore


  3. I liked this up until the end. What are the chances Sam Jackson’s character was going to find an indestructible person in all those bombings? One in 2143234321536425753215765235865619? And like you said, wouldn’t Bruce Willis choke every time he took a sip of water?

    I despised The Sixth Sense.


  4. GaryLee828

    What, you think this is better than “The Last Airbender”?

    I liked “Unbreakable” a lot; not sure why so many were so down on it. Very creative concept.


      • GaryLee828

        I went to see “Now You See Me” and then saw After Earth afterwards. I almost walked out a couple times. lol. It was just a bit lackluster. Not terrible, just not exciting. The ending was predictable, but I liked it. But overall, just a bit slow and redundant to me with uninteresting characters.


  5. Not my favorite M. Night flick like everybody seems to go along with, but I will admit it’s vision cannot be disputed. M. Night knows what he wants to do with this material, and that shines through in just about every frame. Good review.


  6. Hey, I remember this film. It was good! I like The Sixth Sense too. Especially since I know a person who can actually “see” dead people; she’s my coworker, lol. It’s really bizarre! Just like the kid, she hates it because she can see how people died! :O


  7. I think this was an excellent movie, too. I probably liked Signs the best but this 2nd. M.Night’s style is delibrately slow and measured and some people will hate it, but I think it harkens back to older film styles. This was basically a superhero, comic book style story with a realistic feel. So, if some things didn’t quite match up, it didn’t bother me.


  8. HEY! Why did *I* get mentioned for not seeing this?? I totally saw this! TOTES. Okay, I definitely saw at least 10 minutes of it. I can’t remember if I ever finished it…


  9. I actually really loved The Sixth Sense at the time. Then kind of liked his next few films. Unfortunately, his movies have now gotten SO bad that they’ve tainted the first ones for me. :-/


      • Bwahaha! Ok, I admit that I had to Google your “taint”. I mean, I barely even know what a scrotum actually is. πŸ˜‰ I don’t have one! (Right?). But I’ve now seen some very interesting diagrams. Thanks for that… ;-p


      • theipc

        That’s funny. I tried using “taint” in a bit on the movie spoof site and Chris was like “what the fuck does that mean??” Must be a middle of America thing… This is how term I am familiar with goes: “taint the (southern female anatomy) and taint the (derriΓ¨re)”.


  10. davecrewe

    Good write-up. I haven’t watched this film again since it was in the cinema (I really should!) but I feel like it’s a movie of its time in a lot of ways – when it was made, a serious, origin story for a superhero (or a serious superhero film, full stop) was a revolutionary idea, so I remember watching it and being so excited simply because it was doing something new. After the mammoth popularity of superhero films over the last decade or so and Nolan’s super-serious Batman films in particular, it’s not quite as exciting a concept as it once was.


  11. I havent seen this in a long time. Is he really not allowed to touch water? I dont remember a plot hole that big and stupid. Nice write up chief, I need to revisit this as I always rated it so highly.

    Devil was good!! πŸ™‚


      • Just re-watched it as I said I would and you inspired me.

        It’s more the reaction his body has when drowning (that sounds ridiculous I know, we would all struggle when drowning!) and dealing with any situation in which he would have to be submerged. Not drinking or standing in rain/shower. Thats my defence on it, just a weakness because thats the only incident in his life.

        I did like the film, but not as much as I remember. I thought the so called twist was pretty poor too, looking back. Thanks for giving me the incentive to re-visit though Big Sexy πŸ™‚


      • theipc

        Always, Hustler. Water is just not a good “weakness”. I mean – in Signs – those aliens have conquered intergalactic travel but they can’t take water? (Or open closet doors) Huh?


    • theipc

      You know, I never put that together!! Good fucking point!!! And in The Happening its trees – water based life forms!! And The Lady in the Water… The Last Airbender.. Signs… We’re on to something !!!! He’s been outed!!! Nice!!!


      • Water is like one of the most useful substances ever. It’s dumb that he uses it as something that can hurt people or aliens. He probably thinks we’re sat there, thinking, “Oh my God, the aliens can be harmed by water! How can something like water which has such a refreshing simplicity to it, which quenches my thirst on a hot summer’s day, be so harmful to the aliens? Wait a minute! Could this be… irony? M. Night is so clever, and I’m so clever as well for spotting how clever M. Night is.”


  12. I think this might be my favorite M. Night Shamalamadingdong film. Not only is the hero affected by water, which as you say makes no sense. Night follows that up with Signs where that is the same weakness that the aliens have. πŸ™‚

    The performance by Willis is my favorite part of this film although Samuel L. Jackson is a pretty awesome as well.

    Where the MF hell is Unbreakable 2? say that in your best Samuel L. Jackson voice.


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