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I remember when the remake came out, I had never even heard of this movie or this small franchise. I didn’t LOVE THE REMAKE but I read some things on IMDB or other blogs about people who really liked the original. Of course I ignored those recommendations and forgot about it until this showed up in my mailbox the other week and I don’t even remember when I queued it up. The day I popped this in I was hooked during the first ten minutes and really, really had fun with this. The state of horror these days, to me, is not wonderful ever since they came through and started PG 13-ing everything. I hate it. I also hate CGI blood and 3D. This took me back to the good old days – poor, but innocent acting, cheesy dialogue (“Damn it bitch, c’mon! What’d you do, flush yourself down the fucking toilet or what?“), real blood and special effects, boobs, pubes and overall goodness. I don’t know if it was as much fun as HELLO MARY LOU: PROM NIGHT TWO but it was close.


Intending to lace Halloween apples with razor blade to hand out to rotten, fucking kids today: this man.

That blond cutie there is Cathy Podewell and, while she sure couldn’t act very well in this one, there was something about her and her character that I really liked. It’s Halloween night and her hunky date for the evening is taking them to a party at an old funeral home. A funeral home that’s…………… POSSESSED!!!!!!!! AWWWWWWWWWWWWW FUCK!!! Joining them is the obnoxious fat guy with a mo-hawk, his genteel Nubian sidekick, somehow – his girlfriend, a couple of dorks and a couple of bitches who just like to party. Oh, Linnea Quigley co-stars:


Distracting two pimply faced clerks while her friend steals beer and chips: Quigley’s butt.

So they all converge on this house and do what everyone should do, they hold a seance and summon forth the souls of the damned who reside in this place. Cue creepy violin screech: screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech.  Soon they start becoming possessed and girls are kissing girls and two people are doing it in a coffin and someone sticks a lipstick in her boob and eyes are being torn out and there’s some demon sex and someone’s hanging from an eave it’s all sorts of good fun.


Played one of J.R. Ewing’s many lovers on the TV show DALLAS (skank!!): this woman.

I don’t know what else I really have to say. This was fun from the beginning to the end (which I didn’t see coming). I’ve read that the sequels aren’t very good but now I want to watch that remake again to see if it has any winks to this in there other than the lipstick boob scene. If you haven’t ever seen this (like me) ya should.


“What?? My eyebrows?? Oh they’re real, baby. Would you like a taste?”…. said no one.


  1. I saw this movie when I was a little kid and I was terrified of Anglea! She starred in all of my nightmares for about 2 months after I saw the movie. Maybe I should give this one a watch again, for closure.


    • theipc


      I thought this movie was all kinds of fun!! You should check it out again as a grown up – and get that closure!


  2. Linnea Quigley’s butt distracted me from reading the rest of the review, but I’m going to assume you liked it 🙂 It was campy and funny but then, Angela’s demonic possessed entrance in the black (wedding) dress – creepy as hell!


  3. I saw this! In like 1990. My boyfriend rented it. Sort of saw it – he never let me watch movies without pawing at me the entire time. God I hated that – don’t mess with my movie-watching! Not that I missed much with this one – it was a bit shit. Lol 😉


  4. I’ve heard of this movie, but never seen it. Cathy Podewell looks easy on the eye, so will probably watch it at some point. You sold it to me at “girls are kissing girls”. 🙂


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