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Now that SHITFEST is over and we’ve returned to normal – Thursdays would be “Interview Day”. I’ve slacked off on hitting up anybody to do an interview… I have one prepared (Thanks James) but nothing to follow so I am going to sit on that until the muse hits me again. Over on the left (in a web browser) or up top (on a phone) there are links to all of the interviews we’ve done in 2012 and 2013.  They are all good fun to read – give em a shot!

So, let’s take a break in the movie action and do some wordplay. There’s no award for this riddle, it’s just something my friend and I used to do to pass some time when we worked in that fucking restaurant.  See if you can figure it out and I’ll come back in an hour or so with the answer! I don’t know if I’ll do this again but if you folks think this is fun we can always do it again : ) Here you go:

What would you call it if this guy was trying to trade his vacuum cleaner one day when suddenly he was set upon by a suicidal fan who wanted to preserve their undying love for each other for all of eternity by killing them both by drowning?


UPDATE: I got some early morning feedback from the roosters who were up at dawn and it seems my riddle is a little confusing. First – this riddle has nothing to do with REC 3 – I just linked to that page because Tyson and I have an ongoing thing about that movie. I liked it and he hated it and if enough people click on that link it will show on his “most popular posts” widget on his home page. Second – I forget that we haven’t all known each other forever and people haven’t read everything I’ve ever put out so this is an example of a game my friend and I used to play years ago while we toiled like slaves in this goddamned restaurant we used to work at. If you never read my talk with THE BONE DOCTOR, I wish you would, but here’s an example of what I’m getting at today:

Remember when we used to do these? What would it be if you were standing next to a person named Charlie who was eating water fowl and he threw up at you and you tried to avoid it but he got some on your pants and your dog licked it up and then you got laid and screamed out in ecstasy?

Chuck duck up chuck amock muck stuck pup yuck fuck whup?

 (ED: CLOSE!! Chuck chuck duck duck suck suck fuck fuck!)

(ED: I wish I could remember the question to this answer: Shiek’s sleek sheath sheath sheet sleave.)




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