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Tim will receive a monetary exchange of 50 USD in some fashion after I get a chance to figure out how that works!!!!!

Coming in with a tie for second place is:


We receive nothing but good feelings from across the globe and maybe we do a little pouting but we do get this:


And, everyone who wants one gets one of these beauties:


I understand people have their sites the way they want to and are anal about them, so if you don’t want to put one of these up, I understand – but if you do, I would appreciate it if you linked it to my site here. Thanks again everyone – this was GREATNESS!!!! Our man over at WITH A FRIEND LIKE GARY has even supplied us with an appropriate and official  “SHITFEST Dance” in honor of the festival:



Now to a very serious and grave matter that means a lot to me… I don’t really want to wait another 11 months for SHITFEST 2014. I received some very positive feedback about the festival we just had and —— I am proposing a SHITFEST 2013: FALL.

I have emailed with a few people and they’ve said things like “Count me in!!” and “YES!!!” and even a “YAY!!!” and Scrotey said something to the effect of: “I’ll go wash my nuts.” but this all depends on YOU!! I would love to manage the thing and pony up some money for a prize and all of that, but I wouldn’t want SHITFEST 2013: FALL to just be a bunch of my posts about shitty movies.

Would you be in? I am thinking about running it  through the month of September, so that would give YOU two and a half months to remit something (a firm due date of August 31) AND take your summer vacation to New Jersey – or have an appendectomy. Let me know in the comments or send me an email to and if I get enough support – we’ll do a “fall catalogue”!!


Tim – let’s talk!!


  1. Yeah!!! I voted for Tim!
    Sign me up, I’m game for Shitfest: Fall addition. Maybe have a rule where you have to pick a shitty movie that’s based on some type of criteria. Actor? Director?


  2. GaryLee828

    Congrats Tim! I didn’t even watch Last Airbender b/c it didn’t appeal to me, but when I initially saw the trailer I didn’t know it was shitfest material. Hard to believe it’s worse than Birdemic, or Meet the Spartans! lol.

    Eric, you already have another entry from me; put it in for the next contest! 🙂


  3. Boo-hiss, Tim! :-p Just kidding! Congratulations!! I didn’t see it but I sure did hear horrible things about that Airbender movie so yay for you!

    Count me in for the Fall Edition although, I’m vacationing AWAY from New Jersey and I already had an appendectomy like 8 years ago and September is my birthday month but still I will fit this in. I mean, technically I already have a post for it if we go with 500 MPH. 😉

    Yay Shitfest!!!


  4. Congrats to Tim!! The Last Airbender is certainly a worthy winner.
    A Fall edition of Shitfest? Holy crap, let me just check my lotto numbers to make sure I’m not dreaming. YES! Let’s do this! I may even feel compelled to submit something this time around 😉


  5. Congrats to Tim. I haven’t seen Airbender and have no desire to, so in sure Tim has chosen wisely here. Great shit everyone. Let’s makes sure we keep our arses clean, till next time. 😉


  6. Congrats to Tim. Right now I feel like one of those Oscar nominated actors who clap and smile through gritted teeth, when the winner is announced and it isn’t them! 😉

    Seriously though, congrats! 😀 As for the next Shitfest, am I in? Does a bear shit in the woods? Is the Pope a catholic? Of course I’m in! 🙂


    • theipc


      I know – I wanted to win too but at least this went to something I’ve seen and I can vouch for it’s utter failure to even entertain for five seconds.


  7. Oh boooooooooooooooooooooo! I was robbed. It’s that age old anti-Australian, anti-M.Night conspiracy that done it.

    I will gain my revenge with my entry into Shitfest Fall.


      • Also, in my rage at your slam against the Garden State, I forgot to mention that I’m glad to see the right movie was chosen as the inaugural winner of the golden nugget. Viva la Shitfest!


      • theipc

        I have nothing against the Jersey – it’s a play at my friend Brian at Hard Ticket who lives there and loves The Situation more than anything….. ANYTHING!!!!

        Boy I hope he comes back to read these comments….



      • The NSA that doesn’t record our phone calls and never checks our emails probably doesn’t have an extensive list of every threat a person from New Jersey has made to someone else for making an “armpit of America” joke.


      • theipc

        New Jersey has a very high profile by being so close to New York. What most people don’t know is that the real “Armpit of America” is about 20 miles from where I live: Mustang, OK. Or maybe – if it’s not the armpit – it’s the dirty anus.


      • Now you’re singing the right tune on Jersey! I’ll be right right back. I gotta call my buddies Tony and Vincenzo to tell them to cancel that flight to Oklahoma.

        Hard Ticket Brian, I got this one under control. The honor of our home state has been restored.

        Mustang is a badass name for a town. That’ll get changed once horse rights activists get all huffy about it. I envy those idiots who take up those kinds of causes. Must be nice to have that kind of time. Then again, here I am commenting about Jersey all morning, so maybe I DO have that time… Dude, you’re a good therapist!


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