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HA HA HA – Reeker! I watched this a couple of months ago and then forgot about it once SHITFEST fired up,  so if some of my details are iffy, please forgive me. The inspiration to revisit this? This post right here.  I remember I saw Reeker a long time ago, whenever it first came to DVD and I gave it a watch – and someone may or may not have been under the influence of some, uh, er, um, “tobacco” – but I remembered kind of liking it and now that this place exists, I thought I’d give it another shot, which I did and, while it didn’t inspire me to face my greatest fears and say, look at a tarantula or eat another brown egg or go to an Oklahoma State football game, it didn’t make me want to gouge my eyes out.  it wasn’t too bad IMO, not great but OK.


So – if I remember correctly, this opens up with a family cruising across the country in a station waggie and they pull off the side of the road so one of ’em can piss and the dad ends up cut in half or something like that by something outside the shot and everyone gives a good scream. Oh yeah – and something smells stinky like poo…. or DEATH!!!!!!


Cut to some dorm (or something) and some douche character steals some pills from Eric Mabius (of all people) and he and his four dopey friends head off to party and live it up, including Arielle Kebbel. Little do they know that where they’re going, they’re only going to live it up one way…. by DYING!!!!!! Even in the shitter!! Nothing is safe!!!! AUGH!!!!!!


I think the concept and idea behind Reeker is actually pretty solid – I think it was the first of this “type” of movie that I had seen, or at least hadn’t forgot about – but the dialogue is pretty lame and, while this is common and we just kind of have to deal with it, the characters do things that NO ONE WOULD EVER DO OR SAY. EVER.

Drug guy gets his arm sliced off.

Blind guy: well at least you can see.

Drug guy: Well at least you can still beat off!!!!


Anyway – there’s a LOT worse out there: see SHITFEST but, this isn’t probably going to be on the top of anyone’s best of 2005 lists. Because that’s what we do in 2013, make best of 2005 lists. Well, maybe some people do – that’s their prerogative. And always remember, if you should lose your arm to a rotting essence of death, don’t think to run or bandage it up, concern yourself with your next beat off session. Totes!



  1. Wahey! Finally, the review we’ve been waiting for! I think the first thing I’d be concerned with if I lost my arm was how I am going to wipe… Love the review. Glad it has finally got the ICP treatment.


    • theipc





  2. First off, the banner, what’s that from? Second, this movie looks very interesting. I always remember Arielle Kebbel as the girl from an American Pie movie (Band Camp, I think) that DID NOT get naked. So disappointing.


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