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I remember when this came out and everyone went to the theater to see it and then came back and dogged it very harshly on their sites. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever read anything positive about this and I’ve always thought – WTF?? This is Bruce Willis action – this is John McClane! Come on!! Cut it some slack!! Then I remembered that Live Free or Die Hard wasn’t very good and didn’t go see this in the movie theater. Eventually it got  the “Buy it before you can rent it” bullshit (FUCK YOU JAMES CAMERON!!) so my watching it got even more delayed. Anyway, the other day I finally got to give it a shot and……



Hey, you know, if you’ve never read my WHAT THIS IS ABOUT page: this place is about whether or not things entertain me and – was I entertained?? Sure… Was this great?? NOPE. Was it action packed and full of explosions and non stop balls out mayhem? YEP. Did I hate McClane’s son – sure did. Was the 30 minute car chase through Moscow idiotic?? YES and it made the wife quit the movie it was so unbelievable. But I stuck with it and, after it was all over, I kept thinking about it and – I liked it all right. I liked it better than the last one and it was R Rated so we could get a “YIPPEE KI YAY MOTHER FUCKER” out of it. It’s over the top and unbelievable but ——–> it’s sure better than TAKEN FUCKING 2. What can I say…? I kinda liked it.



John McClane learns his son has been arrested for murder over in Moscow so he heads over there to see what’s up. Just as he gets to the courthouse the entire thing blows to smitheereens. LUCKILY, his son and some rich Russian dude survive somehow and then they inexplicably (it’s kind of stupid) run into each other, scream at each other and then a 30 minute, three car chase through the streets of Moscow erupts. To get this straight – the first 45 minutes of this make no sense: McClane goes to Russia to see his son that he hasn’t seen in years, a courthouse blows up, they reunite and then he chases his son and his son’s pursuer through a city he’s never been to, injuring and killing dozens of people in the process – and no authorities seem to give a fuck. Yeah. It’s big and dumb and loud and silly – but the stunts and car-work were pretty awesome to look at. *Shrugs* I didn’t rent this to learn about Hubble’s Law of Cosmic Expansion. Or how the drummer for TOOL can make sounds like that by just sitting there.


I rented this to watch Bruce Willis shoot a bunch of people and blow shit up. And that’s exactly what we got. I thought all of the action sequences were pretty well done – mostly outrageous – but well done. The dialogue was corny but hey… these movies aren’t really about the dialogue except for the one liners. I did notice – to my irritation – that McClane screamed “JESUS!!!” about 50 times during this which was a little overkill but I got over it. All in all, to me, I think this has received, maybe, some undue criticism. I’ll  watch it again when it hits cable. What’s the big deal? Plus – even though she’s only in it for a few minutes, I got to see Mary Elizabeth Winstead and that’s always a plus.


  1. This will forever stay on my Do Not Watch list, so I’m glad I can live the dream and just read your review so I never have to watch. Is it better than Law Abiding Citizen (which I really enjoyed)? Ern.


    • theipc

      Personally – I liked it better than LAC but – BUT!!!! I have a thing against trendy things and when LAC came out I was really out on Jamie Foxx because of “Ray” so I didn’t give it much of a chance. I should probably give it another shot sometime….


      • I loved the fact LAC was balls-out with the brutality. It pulled no punches, and for a film to do that and get such a wide release I found really refreshing. That scene with the DEA or whomever she is…it’s absolutely sick in a really awesome way.

        I need help.


    • theipc

      You and Brad should watch this tonight and take a Rumplemintz shot every time he says that. Then report back tomorrow on how you feel….


  2. I saw this last night, but I’m afraid I hated it. I thought it was a massive turd. There’s a great clip of Willis on youtube where he’s doing promotional stuff for the movie in the UK, and it’s like he can’t be bothered, or he’s just plain amused by the presenter’s saying how great the movie is, when he clearly thinks it’s a load of old crap.

    Here’s a clip from UK show, “Weekly Wipe”, where they talk about it…


    • theipc

      That clip is fucking hilarious!!

      I wish I could do the accent “What with all of the shootin’ and the fightin’ and the killin’. Thank god they’re all bad or he’d be considered a murderer!” HAHAHAHAHA

      The movie didn’t bother me too much. That new Conan bothered me – this one, not so much.


    • theipc

      I mean – exactly. I didn’t rent it to start thinking about my essay on the rise of socialism in the early 20th century. I rented it to see McClane blow a bunch of shit to pieces. : )


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