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Well – I think I have enough interest and volunteers to proceed with a fall catalog of wonderful entries of shitty movies!! (There should still be some open slots if you’re interested and haven’t let me know). Tim is rolling around in 50 units of currency where he lives so, hopefully he’s happy. Maybe that will be able to finance his trip to Man of Steel this weekend. Hopefully everyone that said “they’re in” will deliver and we can have a wonderful time as we prepare our livestock and fields for the cold, cold winter.

To make it a little easier on me, I thought up some simple rules for the next edition:

  • I’ll take entries starting today through August 31st. Please send to
  • You can send me as many as you want but my desire would be to use one per person unless someone isn’t able to deliver (because they’re out having a foot amputated) so, if you want to send me five, let me know which you absolutely want to get out there.
  • There’s no genre limitation although horror is preferred.
  • I love it when you include pics and links and such, just be sure to tell me WHERE you want them inserted.
  • I would love to include a logo for your site at the top of the post, so I can link to it and people can click it to get to your place instead of just hyper-linking some text. Something simple, like this:


  • I was very pleased with how fair and diverse the open voting went so we’ll do that again and, in the case of a tie, we’ll do the jury system

I think that’s it! I hope this is going to be good fun!!! Bring it!!!

Oh – and since I REALLY wanted to make a trophy for the winner, but the winner lives too far away to ship, I had one made anyway! Check it:


I look forward to hearing from you!! GO SHITFEST GO!!!


  1. Awesome! I’ll get it done by next month probably. 🙂 And I’ll try to do horror genre. Gives me more time to check out different shitfest selections…But what happens if I don’t have a logo and I’m not really sure how to make one. At least I’ll try to do it in paint or something…I’ll work on it.


  2. Oh god, I need that trophy. Writing up my Shitfest entry this week sometime. Gonna pour some movie hate I’ve been keeping bubbled inside for a few years now, so it could get messy…


  3. I think I’m going to be not lazy, and write some new stuff. The trophy looks like one of those futuristic Dyson bladeless fans. Is that to waft away the overpowering shitty smell of all the movies in Shitfest 2013? 😉


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