Isaacs Picture Conclusions



Has anyone else ever seen this thing? Surely so – I had never even heard of it until I was rummaging through the bowels of Netflix and it was “recommended based on my history”. This was actually kind a fun little movie and I’m surprised this one is not getting remade with all of the 80s re-dos these days. I suppose it might not be politically correct to make another movie where three kids go around killing adults… but they should. The copy of this was pretty terrible and grainy and could use some updating but, who knows, maybe they already did remake it, I don’t know anything.


Just look at those socks! In this, three kids are born on the same night during a full moon. Ten years later, as ten year olds, they go around killing people for no real explained reason. The little girl, below, also charges other kids quarters and dimes to look through a peephole while her sister gets nude and disco dances. People also make out in the backs of vans and graveyards.


It’s kind of funny, this movie. You know how in Game of Thrones how NO ONE is safe, ever??? I kept thinking about that here too. NO one is safe. Parents, sisters, other little kids, cops… these three will kill anyone – for no good, apparent reason, using jump ropes, arrows, beating people with bats, ant poison, you name it. “Hi, we’re innocent looking…. DEATH FOLLOWS!!!”


HMMM – I thought I had more to say about this but I guess I don’t. It’s pretty good fun, low quality, there’s murder and boobs and INTRIGUE!!!! There’s also big eyeglasses, knee high socks, disco music, a creepy kid with a sheet over him like a ghost, mustaches, vans, a kid locked in a trunk and a really high tech security system. All in all – not too bad if you like 80s style movies.



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