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Continuing the PROM NIGHT franchise – well wait – do you remember when we talked about the first one: PROM NIGHT? The first one was decent enough fun but suffered from pitiful quality and bad sound, but it was OK enough and had a wicked-fresh disco scene. We followed that up with a viewing of the WONDERFUL HELLO MARY LOU: PROM NIGHT 2 that I totally loved. Eventually I got a double feature of 3 and 4 (that I haven’t watched yet) and I think I can safely say that this movie wasn’t very good. The second one was fun but also serious and had a distinct visual atmosphere around it. This one had terrible, terrible acting, shitty special effects, didn’t really make any fucking sense and tried too hard to be “like” HELLO MARY LOU and failed. Well – let’s take a look –


This opens up with some chicks chained to the floor of Hell doing some sot of Can-Can dance… HUH??? What the fuck?? While none of the other women can do the same thing (I guess) Mary Lou files away at her chains with some sort of metal and escapes Hell and heads back to her high school. What?


Back in the living world, she falls in love with this cute girls’ boyfriend for reasons that are NEVER MADE CLEAR and kills anyone that messes with him. WHA? WHY?? This guy is a total dork-goob that no one would go out with much less murder people for. We also have a new Mary Lou:


Which is a shame because I really liked the old Mary Lou:


The new actress did have a substantially bigger rack but she never even got close to exposing them so…. This one did have a timid sex scene on a desk but this is about as risque as it got:


~ Spoilers if you care ~

So Mary Lou has escaped from Hell to go back to her high school and make some dork fall in love with her so he can go back to Hell with her and be her Prom King in Hell, murdering a bunch of teachers and classmates while she’s at it. Murdering them with ice cream cones, a football, battery acid and a thing of video tape.


Eventually the dude agrees to go to Hell with her to be her Prom King and when they get down there she intends to murder him… O_o Little do they know that the blondie girlfriend followed them down to Hell and she’s going to save the day with a flamethrower. O_+ Eventually she blows up Mary Lou with a can of propane and…….. AND…… they hop in some sort of ’57 (or so) Chevy (I think) AND DRIVE OUT OF HELL!!! +_+


They’re safe!!! Oh wait, they’re not – Mary Lou pops up in the back seat and kills Blondie and douche-boy is stuck in 1957. “YOU WIN!!!!!!!!” He screams. Fade out.

To be fair – there are some funny moments in here, like the deadpan dialogue between the cops and you will probably laugh out loud how ridiculous the line delivery is but, overall this wasn’t very good and I still loudly recommend HELLO MARY LOU: PROM NIGHT 2. now on to number 4!


  1. Clearly this film is a metaphor for the problems which arise when one blames anyone but one’s unfaithful partner when said partner strays. If Blondie had just killed her boyfriend instead of torching Mary Lou, Blondie would have survived the film. In turn, the larger themes include man’s (or in this case woman’s) search for meaning, and the inscrutable jelly-filled center of the human soul.


    • theipc

      I think that you are 100% accurate on this assessment. If only more movies could bring more meaning and substance to the theater.


  2. davecrewe

    Yeah, this was a disappointment. As you say, fitfully amusing but that’s about it. It’s better than the atrocious third sequel (though at the least the next movie has boobs, even if only briefly).


    • theipc

      I actually didn’t hate the fourth one. It was too 90s but not terrible like what I am posting on Friday. Most products of the mid eighties and nineties are, in general, sucky.

      Thanks for commenting, Dave!


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