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As anyone who looks here knows, most of the time I toil away at terrible movies, lying down on that grenade, protecting you from filth and vile serpents. Every now and then I do try and get my hands on something good – something quality and I think I’ve done that a few times using examples like EARTHLING, SEPARATION, AMBER LAKE and GIRLS AGAINST BOYS. I saw this job that no one’s probably ever seen or heard of, watched the trailer on iTunes and it looked like it would fit the mold of those four films perfectly – somber, subtle, moody, Irish.  And then I watched it and, like BEYOND THE HILLS, this is one of those where I don’t think it’s fair to assign a score to it because:


It’s definitely a good, well made movie that does what they wanted to do but:


It was so goddamn fucking boring and slow that I could barely stand it and every time I looked to see how much time was left it always had about 45 minutes left. I swear this thing was sixteen hours long. I don’t want to rag on this like I do everything else some of the things I watch, because, like I said, they made a good movie but – FUCK! I also don’t really know why this is classified as horror – maybe because there’s a dead body at the beginning?


That’s another thing that bothered me – so, our girl with no emotion is a sleep walker. To start the movie she wakes in a field beside a dead girl. It is never explained why – unless I missed it. She wakes up in alleys and elsewhere but this one time she wakes up out in a field next to a dead girl and I don’t know why. Is that a mistake? Also – someone’s watching her from the distance. Why? The rest of the movie is her dealing with her guilt of – ?? Not telling anyone?? I don’t know. It’s no spoiler because about halfway through they catch the killer and it’s not her – so what does she feel so guilty about?


The acting, direction and cinematography in this movie is excellent, but I just didn’t get the point, I guess. Oh well – I wish everyone involved much success.


  1. Why isn’t this in your WHY???? section after the dodgy field scene and the watcher? 😛 Thanks, skipping this one, too. You have gifted me with an ever-growing list of monstrosities to avoid!


    • theipc

      Not that I noticed – but, i suppose in their defense, they might have and i missed it because I was so bored and distracted. But I don’t believe so.


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