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Do you Good People remember Alexandre Aja’s HIGH TENSION?? Remember how brutal and gory and bloody it was?? Well those boys put out another movie a few years later – different director with Aja producing – called P2 which was also pretty gut wrenching (but not so good IMO) (I mean there’s NO WAY she could have gotten out of that parking garage???) Anyway, they’re back with a remake of the 80’s flick (you can see my thoughts on that HERE if you felt so inclined) and it’s a fucking sick piece of work that scalps the fuck off of the original. If you want to see this be warned, the special effects are particularly nasty and very real looking and not for Good People with loose stomachs. Or bowels.


When I first heard of this, I thought, “OH GOD, Elijah Woods????” A few months later I watched the trailer and I thought it looked pretty fantastic and then I finally got to watch it last week and…


“Yessssss Meester Isaacs??? What did you think??”

There are three things that bothered me about this movie. One is Elijah Woods. Yes, yes he did a good job acting the role – totally against his normal form, yes. BUT I just can’t picture a guy half my height being this sort of ruthless, scalping, depraved killer. I don’t buy it. Plus, I am sure this is how he was directed but, I didn’t like his emotionless delivery. This wasn’t a Mamet or even a Shyamalan film. Second, the entire thing is shot from his perspective – the entire thing – so you basically see him kill people through his eyes. Lots of his hands and looking in mirrors and such. That got old to me after about ten minutes. Also – and this is a cardinal sin to me – he talked what he was typing when he was typing into a computer. That ALWAYS bothers me, ALL THE TIME.


“Reflections of a Sunny Day”

But I got over myself and in the end I really enjoyed the overall product. If you’re not familiar with this, and haven’t read about it on everyone else’s much better written sites, Woods plays a dude who goes around scalping and killing women to make a sort of family, shot from his point of view. WAITAGODDAMNEDSECOND!!!! That’s almost exactly like the premise behind one of the scripts I’ve been trying to write for a year!!! WHATTHEFUCK?!?!?!?!?!? AAAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!


“We didn’t steal your idea, MEESTER!!”
*runs away*


Anyway, this was pretty good when it was all said and done. Some things bothered me but it was a good, solid production. You definitely haven’t seen a car wreck like the one you’ll see towards the end of this, I guarantee that. If you choose to read these two references to older posts, be aware that they are old and some of the first things I did around here. Meaning: my writing sucks but America Olivo finally shows off her giant cans in this and, while they don’t make up for NEIGHBOR or BITCH SLAP…… it’s about fucking time.

EI over and out! Have great weekends!! I’m off again on Friday so if you felt so kind as to leave me a message I’ll probably be sore from swimming and too much sun so I’ll be sleeping in and nursing a hangover – BUT! –  I’ll get back to you later on!


  1. Four Top Hats ain’t too shabby….from how you responded to me about it I thought you were more in the Two Scalped Heads area. Hope you feel better after yesterdays drinking campaign.


    • theipc

      For this one – I think the overall product stands out as “pretty good” while some of the parts suffered from being crappy. But – as we have been taught: “The needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many”.


  2. Definitely want to see this but haven’t yet. As for the script, continue undaunted. This same basic concept has been done many times (just seen it done spectacularly in a Night Gallery episode) and as long as the character(s) are different, it will turn out fine. There’s no copyright on a simple concept 🙂


  3. GaryLee828

    Elijah Woods made this role work! I think Eric is the first viewer that I’ve read to not like watching the events unfold through Frank’s POV. I think that’s one of the main attributes that makes this thing feel so unique and separates it from so many of the other recycled horror films. There are definitely some things that could have been executed better, but overall is still good, and definitely worth a watch.


    • theipc

      “There are definitely some things that could have been executed better, but overall is still good, and definitely worth a watch.”



      • GaryLee828

        Eric, I think the 3rd act felt rushed; had the “high tension” built, and THEN erupted at the right time I think the film would have been much more effective.

        And I have a recommendation for you that I think you would personally like. “Would You Rather”. I think it’s right up your alley. Not a great film, or anything, but it’s decent, and I think you’d like it.


      • theipc

        I’ve almost pulled the trigger on that a couple of times but never did. Not bad? Jeffrey Combs, right?

        I have taken a little mini-vacation from work and blogging – watched several movies (alone and with the wife). Three stand outs – STOKER, THE ORPHAN KILLER (write-up coming out tomorrow) and SEEKING A FRIEND FOR THE END OF THE WORLD (write up looming on a potential new site)

        I’ll check it out.


      • GaryLee828

        Yeah, your wife may like it, too – if she’s as sick and demented as you and Tyson!! Oh, and me. lol.

        Not sure about Jeffrey Combs. It has Brittany Snow. Some of the acting is shoddy as well as some of the writing, but overall is pretty good.


  4. The POV got annoying after awhile, and felt like nothing more than just a shameless gimmick to get past the fact that this material wasn’t rich enough to hold a whole film. Good review.


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