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This is going to be a great example of how my rating system works. I took last Wednesday off to relax and recoup and watched two wicked ass movies, STOKER and THE ORPHAN KILLER. STOKER was a beautiful, fantastic, well paced, creepy thriller with a giant budget and big time stars. I am going to try and write about that next and I’ll totally give it four top hats. THE ORPHAN KILLER is a low budget slasher made by what are probably a bunch of friends and has the goriest mother fucking blood effects that I have ever seen. I’m talking BRUTAL!! I also loved it and give it high praise. Two totally different movies from both sides of the spectrum: “High Art” and “Blood First, Questions Later”. But that’s how this site works; did I love them both?? YEP! STOKER had one of those vague open ended endings that left me a little disappointed so that brought it down a notch. TOK could probably done with a little more plot and it took a while to understand why everything was happening – but I’m not griping. For real – this is a good slasher BUT – IT’S FUCKING GORY AND HARD TO LOOK AT. Tyson – YOU would probably really like this. Plus, the lead is smoking hot. YUM.


Is there ever a time and place to get into the plot of a slasher? Marcus Miller “The Orphan Killer” is going around a Catholic school gruesomely and grizzly-y stomping and cutting and gutting people . *I can’t stress enough how intense the effects are – they’re stomach turning – you’ve been warned* But – why is he so mad? Eventually you find out and it’s all right but this thing is more about the blood and trying to terrify you than re-writing the slasher origin. I wrote about MANIAC the other day talking about the realistic violence in it – this takes that movie in it’s blood soaked hands and scalps the fuck out of it.


“Before I send you to St. Peter, you will know pain.”

I don’t really know what else there is to say about this. Nice camera work, nice acting, nice story, boobs. Some of the music bothered me a little because that’s not really my type but, all in all, I thought this was very solid and I can’t wait for a sequel. Bring it!!


  1. GaryLee828

    Just found this. I’m gonna watch in a few minutes. It better not suck, or I’ll be suing this site for pain & suffering.


      • GaryLee828

        LOL @ the killing better than “Maniac”! The first kill (after the opening) looks soooo fake!! Dude, this film is terrible! lol.

        It SCREAMS amateur! I don’t knock a film for being low-budget. I’ve seen plenty of low-budget films I could appreciate, but the acting is shoddy, the sound is awful, and the overdone heavy metal music in place of an actual score is just too much “shit”! Yes, we know where this thing needs to go come Fall! There’s a reason this has a “3.7” on IMDB after more than 1,100 votes. 🙂


      • theipc

        LOL – sorry you didn’t like it. We obviously look at things much differently.

        It “screams” amateur because it’s made by people learning how to do it. That’s what makes me like things like this even more : )


      • GaryLee828

        I wouldn’t say we look at things different in general; there are a lot of movies we disagree on, but there are also a lot we like, as well; like Hidden Face – High Tension – May.

        I don’t mind watching low-budget from up-and-comers, but the acting was just terrible. I love this ultra low-budget film called “Film Geek” about a socially-awkward video clerk who talks about nothing, but movies; it’s hilarious and I thought it was well done even though it was done by amateurs. You should check that out soon. I think you’d find it funny, and the ending is unpredictable and totally threw me! lol.


  2. Mark Hudson

    This film is now regarded as the new horror icon of this generation. Mask is hitting major stores like Hot Topic and it has over 500k fan in social media. The Orphan Killer is my favorite slasher in 20 years. It was made by pros. In fact, the cast and crew have had films released in theaters previously and been official selections at festival such as Tribeca. The Orphan Killer movie was an official selection at Sitges Film Festival, San Sebastian, and many others. It is FAR from being made by people who are learning how to do it. The reason it has lower IMDB scores is because of trolls. Nothing more. It’s so massive it is even banned in Germany. I have been following it since it started. I have the bluray and soundtrack. Such an awesome film. Bravo on the review and telling it like it is. I can also understand why Gary likes a movie called FILM GEEK. Makes a lot sense.

    Crimson Quill article 2 from Download Generation

    Crimson Quill article 3 Orphaned Crimson Quill’s Intimate Chronicle of Life with Marcus Miller

    Crimson Quill article 4 Orphaned: Verse II Crimson Quill’s Intimate Chronicle of Life with Marcus Miller

    Crimson Quill article 5 Orphaned Verse III: An Intimate Chronicle of Life with Marcus Miller

    Crimson Quill article 6 Orphaned Verse IV: A Pitiless Primary Preamble into The Mind of Matt Farnsworth

    Crimson Quill article 7 Orphaned Verse V: Crimson Quill’s Intimate Chronicle of Life with Marcus Miller

    Crimson Quill article 8 Orphaned Verse VI: A Tête-à-Tête with the Salacious Diane Foster

    Crimson Quill article 9 A Chronicle of life with Marcus Miller The Orphan Killer

    Crimson Quill Deadly Delights article

    True Scream Queens: An Almanac of Animalistic Allurement (Diane Foster)

    Best of the Breed: The Most Prolific Filmmakers on the Circuit #1 Farnsworth

    An Ode to Brother Matt and Baby Sister Diane

    Crimson Quill article 1 from


  3. This sounds pretty good dude, I’ll definitely hunt it down. Not heard of it, and despite Gary’s reservations I’ll go in open minded 🙂

    Look forward to your Stoker thoughts. I’m not sold on it, trying to do my own review on it but struggling.


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