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Being stricken with OCD a completest,  I was going to have to finish this series one way or another and I couldn’t find this on Netflix (it’s actually out there for ordering under the name Demon House) so – and this will probably sound really weird to today’s generation but – I just watched my first ever movie on YouTube. The sound was in English but it waas captioned in some sort of Spanish so the screen shots I took are a little strange looking but, oh well. When I was reading about this on IMDB the users pretty much dogged this one into the bottom of the barrel, but I didn’t think it was too bad. Not as much fun as the first one but about as good as the second. If you missed the first two you find them HERE (1) and HERE (2).


If you’ve been following along, you’ll recall that the “Hull House” Funeral Home changed from the first to the second. It went from a stately manor with an underground creek keeping the demons inside the yard to a run down piece of shit where demons could get out and go to high school dances. This time we’re back to a nice looking place with a giant brick wall surrounding it, an underground creek and you even go through a little 1997 CGI membrane when going through the gate! Of course, this cop is out doing his rounds and heads into Hull House and it’s really nice inside and he’s all “what the fuck??” and:


Angela comes around the corner and uses her telekinetic powers to rip his badge off of his  tit and kill him with it. Queue the opening credits and some very weird looking CGI ghost things flying around over some Seinfeld-slapping-bass thumps and we get introduced to a bunch of 90’s fashioned dunderheads with bad haircuts who are on their way to a party, making “Your momma’s so…” jokes. Cut to:


someone’s house where this girl and the girl in the background (also below) somehow manage to take of their shirts and bras an look at their boobs in the mirror for a few minutes. Not that I’m complaining. Apparently they’re going to a Halloween party and the blond is going to be a harem girl and the brunette is going to be a:


“pussy”. Along the way their car breaks down, they are picked up by the dunderheads who rob a convenience store, someone gets shot and they all take shelter in the Hull House. Soon, Angela is possessing everyone and this girl:


manages to go topless for a few good minutes, Angela gives an explicit BJ to a handgun and I don’t think it’s a spoiler to tell you just about everyone dies.  Well, I guess they don’t die – they get turned into demons. A long time ago I watched and reviewed the remake, but I am not going to link to it here since I want to see it again, now that I’ve seen these. When I watched it the first time I hadn’t seen or heard of any of these so I didn’t appreciate it, but maybe I will this time. This was a decent trilogy that didn’t take itself seriously and blatantly stole from movies like Evil Dead and Nightmare on Elm Street. But they were good fun. And had lots of boobs.


  1. That eyeball cocktail that Angela is sipping on the poster looks tasty. And if I’m not mistaken she’s had some dental work done since the previous posters. Good to see her wages going to good use.


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