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Being sensitive to Those Who Read This, I feel I should warn The Good and Most Beloved Reader about this post. For the Sensitive, there is a gratuitous boob on this page. Now that that’s over with and I have covered my ass, let’s get on with this.


It’s been a long time since I’ve done a giallo, huh? It hasn’t been for lack of trying – I’ve watched all of the ones Netflix has to offer… all of the other giallo-style movies I have queued up are “short wait” which we all know equates to “eternal wait for a scratched up disc that won’t play”. Anyway, this finally showed up and I can’t say that I loved it but it wasn’t too bad. It’s definitely weird and filled with three smoking hot Italian actresses and includes blood and screeches and lots of J&B and typewriting and a giant twist at the very end. Oh, did I mention  Edwige Fenech? Delicious!


In our typical giallo fashion, someone – anyone –  is going around murdering women in the night. Is it the alcoholic, Mommy Issues writer who has only ever published one book? Is it the dude who likes to stand out in the trees, staring at the house in the middle of the night? Is it the delivery boy who may or may not be boning the maid but for sure does bone Fenech? Is it the distraught, abused, sexless wife (Anita Strindberg) wanting to get out of her shitty marriage? Is it filmhipster??? You’ll never know until that final, thrusty second!! Did I just use the word thrusty?? OOPS – no thrustiness in that final second. Sorry!!


Oh well – I guess that’s about it for this one. . If you’re in the mood for murders, boobs, black cats, lesbians, bodies “Cask of Amontillado” style plastered up in a wall, look no further than this. It kind of drags a little bit but delivers. One last thing – if there’s one thing that peeves me about these older movies I watch, it seems that a lot of them insert a ten minute motorcycle / dirt bike race in the middle that are VERY LOUD and irritating. If you should decide to watch this, you should skip that scene since it has nothing to do with the plot. Unless you’re just in to loud dirt bike racing.



    • theipc


      If you’re ever sitting on the crapper and looking for something to read : ) you can look in my categories list and see a bunch of these Giallos. This is not the best but not the worst. Good or bad, these things are always kind of fun.


  1. Lemuel Severance

    Thank the heavens, or hells, or purgatories – Thank somebody…maybe the Isaacs – so glad there is another entry in Giallorama!


  2. GaryLee828

    LOL @ a 10 minute dirt bike scene that serves as an intermission!

    I came across yet another movie I think you’d like on netflix instant called “Truth or Die”. You should add that to your to-see list.


    • theipc

      We used to watch that show – we kind of got burned out after, I think, the 4th season. Do you watch Raising Hope? It’s by the same people.


      • I do like Raising Hope but after one season (or maybe it was two?) I haven’t noticed it on again in the UK. Same problem with Earl – I’m not sure if they all ended up being shown here so I had to buy the later seasons on DVD. And then never watched them because I never seem to actually watch anything once I buy it on DVD. Lol. Stupid…


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