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From the guy that did OLD BOY and THIRST, I kind of expected more “meat” from Stoker. Sure, it’s good looking and stylish and pretty and not too long and well told and all of that stuff but I guess I was expecting a little bit more than a mopey eyed girl moping around for 99 minutes while her bizarre and pervy uncle moons over her. Also – SPOILER – I don’t really understand how her uncle was SO IN LOVE WITH HER that he would kill all of those people when he had never even met her. In fact, how did he even know she was alive? Did I miss something? Wait – now that I wrote that – why did her dad give her that key on her birthday for the first time ever instead of shoes?? What the hell? That doesn’t make any goddamned sense.


Did he know he was going to die or something?? If so – why would he go get his brother?? What the fuck? HRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMM. Wait a second. This doesn’t make a lick of sense. This movie LOOKS fantastic but the plot is………. kinda stupid. I bet if this was done by anyone else this probably would have gone straight to DVD.


“I’m not so sure about this plot either, Meester” furrows Mia Wasikowska.

Recently I shared my half written script for Raising Hell with my friend Biffer and he came back with some seriously awesome feedback. “You can leave all of those details in there, such as camera angles and tracking shots and flashbacks, but most people won’t read through that. That’s called a spec script and those are usually frowned upon.” He advised. “That type of shit is usually left up to the Director or DP.” I get the feeling that the script for this movie is pretty flimsy and what was good about this all came from Chan-wook Park (the director).


“Yep, just not 100% that this script is going in the right direction, Seester,” says Mia to a drunken and pacified Nicole Cruise Kidman.

Oh well. This a BRILLIANT looking mystery / thriller with solid performances by the three leads but, if you think about this too long you might identify some serious plot questions and experience some that-doesn’t-make-any-fucking sense moments. Like SPOILER – why did this dude kill everyone, even his own mother and brother, to get to this person that he wouldn’t have known existed because he’s been locked away in a mental facility since he was a kid????


    • theipc

      When I first watched it I was blown away with it’s brilliance. When i sat down to write about it and started thinking more about the story (and not the work of art the movie is) I kinda got let down a little.

      I thought Thirst was excellent too – but it was SOOOOOOOOOOO long…


  1. I thought Stoker was great, thoroughly enjoyed it. There are a few questionable things about the plot, I agree, but I overlooked them. Didn’t it say they both have some sort of connection, almost psychic? I can’t quite remember, it wasn’t fully explained I don’t think.


    • theipc

      Yeah – I remember something about that now. But I think it was just one sentence barely fleshed out (I think). I don’t know – four or three – either way. I’m sure I’ll watch it again someday when I have nothing to do. Maybe I’ll get it more…


  2. A very weird movie, but one that I enjoyed because it offered some new twists and thrills to a genre that seemed to get a bit boring after a long while. Good review.


  3. Loved this film…I know there are a lot of questions that need to be answered just like every film does really. Example, why is it that only Americans can save the world in disaster films? Why I ask? Canadians have a couple jet fighters too.


  4. Still trying to review it…… you I was left puzzled but it, and the huge critical reaction I got. What did those people get from it that I didnt? Oh well, at least we sort of agree, that we kind of liked but didnt love this 🙂


    • theipc

      My initial reaction was “WOW I LOVE THIS” bit then I sat around thinking about it for a few days and though “HMMMMM…. maybe not so much…”

      Good to hear from you!


  5. I’ve had a review of this sitting in my draft folder for a while now. I should really get around to finishing it. K liked it a lot but like you say that was mainly down to the directorial style. The performances were also good and it had style in abundance but the story was rather weak. There’s no doubt about it. I’d probably still give it more than 3 stars, though!.
    Nice work here bro!

    Boat Drinks!


  6. To quote you: “I get the feeling that the script for this movie is pretty flimsy and what was good about this all came from Chan-wook Park (the director).” – YES. Exactly! I was very disappointed by this movie overall. It’s been compared to Hitchcock but doesn’t even come close. Those have great scripts &
    stories that hold up upon closer inspection. This didn’t. It only “looked” cool. As you said, thanks to the director. I’m going to try to watch Oldboy soon then review the two together.


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