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I remember back in 1982 or 1983 I used to walk blocks down to the local video store and pick up horror movies of all types. Life was safe then. I also remember renting this and putting it in at my aunt and uncle’s house and nearly shitting myself in fear when everyone started getting naked. Not that I cared, you know, but my aunt was a bit – um – more stern than she is now and and I likely would have got a decent beating if she had witnessed Kinski slinking around all naked and what not. Luckily I turned it off in time and saved myself a good belt whipping and now look, it’s 30 years later and my past and I have converged to finish this off.


Despite how attractive Kinski used to be and despite seeing all of her a lot, I thought this was pretty boring and very 80s-ish. The music irritated me, I had to see Malcolm McDowell’s schlong (AGAIN!!), John Heard bothered me and, honestly, the only thing I REALLY liked about this was the long tracking shot of Annette O’Toole jogging through the park on her way to the gym. Something about that was really fun and cool and the synth worked but otherwise, this was a yawner and took a couple of sittings to get through. O’Toole:


I was kind of surprised to see Ed Begley (Jr.) and John Larroquette in a sex drama since they were mostly doing comedy back then (or would be). Begley gets his arm ripped off by a panther or leopard and dies a grisly death. I was also surprised at how strongly Malcolm McDowell wanted to screw Kinski – SHE’S YOUR FUCKING SISTER FOR CHIRSSAKES!!! Nice plot. Gross. All in all I would say this one is one to skip unless you just want to see a couple of pair of boobs. O’Toole’s got some nice ones… Oh – the plot if you’re not familiar: McDowell and Kinski are brother and sister who need to do The Sex with each other. If they do The Sex with other people they turn into giant cats and kill their partner. Nice.



    • theipc

      WHAT?? Where is your head this morning??? Did you finally look at those Cumpany drafts I sent you or something???

      Yeah – exactly. Not so great these days….


    • theipc

      LOL Misty – I’m not sure if “fun” is the right word for this one. You should give it a shot sometime though, just to say you have… : )


    • theipc

      Your life will probably not be enriched by giving it another shot unless you just miss the glitz of the 80s. But then you can always go look at those Patrick Nagel prints you have in your attic, instead of spending a couple of hours with this.

      : )

      ( ! )


  1. I happened to come across your blog. Looks very cool and engaging with a wide audience.

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    Evangelos Giovanis


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