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AHHHHHHHHHHH An American Werewolf in London – one of the last movies I ever went to see in the theater with my mom. Nostalgia!  Boy, this scared the living shit out of me when I was a kid. The werewolf transformation and the dead and mangled Griffin Dunne popping up and the Nazi-Zombie home invasion… They seriously gave me nightmares. Seriously. No lie. SO I had the chance to watch this the other week (yep, I’m that slow) and, since we’ve all been anesthetized to getting scared over the years, this didn’t give me any shock or goose bumps but I thought it was pretty damn good and the special effects are still amazing after all of these years. The other day I sat down and watched An American Werewolf in Paris and it was 100% fucking stupid with HORRIBLE late 90s CGI that was laughable. I doubt I’ll ever write about that one but it did have a topless Julie Delpy (so I just might). YUM.


I’m sure everyone who reads this place has seen this so there’s no reason to go into any plot so let me sit back for a few minutes, play some Candy Crush and think about what there is I could possibly say about this thing.


Well I’m back and that level is particularly fucking frustrating. “Hi you need to get 75 stripe matches and you only have ten moves. Thanks for playing. Drink More Ovaltine!” UGH. What a show stopper.  Let me think about what stood out here. I love that scene when they first get attacked out in the moors (those are moors right??). We don’t have moors where I live so I could probably be using that term incorrectly. Anyway – I liked it when they get attacked and David Naughton’s character (also named David) fucking tears out of there like he’s scared shitless, gets about 300 – 400 feet away and then remembers his friend and heads back.


That Nazi Zombie nightmare is still pretty unsettling. The zombie make-up isn’t that scary but watching the family get gunned down and the kids get brutally stabbed over and over wasn’t easy to look at. Then there’s the big transformation scene that, if I recall correctly, was pretty revolutionary at the time, especially since they didn’t use computer effects. The shit in “Paris” was absolutely laughable. Also – I did bare witness to a little bit of schlong in this scene. Be prepared for some Helmet In The Bush. *PLEASE NOTE: THE WERE-DONG IS NOT PICTURED HERE*


The only other thing that really stands out is the big rampage in the streets of London and, playing the local doctor, a guy some of you old timer Classic Who guys will remember, John Woodvine. Let’s see, what else?? Oh yeah – the lovely Jenny Agutter and her lovely boobs. Here you go, boys:


I guess that’s about it. If you haven’t seen this I would be surprised and totally recommend it. It’s a real good movie. Oh yeah – for those of you that have seen this, I just remembered that scene in the zoo! “A naked American man stole my balloons.”


  1. Excellent film! Did you like the quick ending though? I rewatched this sucker when I bought it on Blu-ray (which looks and sounds excellent by the way) but I found after a rewatch that the ending seemed so rushed.


    • davecrewe

      I only saw this for the first time about a year ago, and I found the rushed ending hilarious – I guess it’s supposed to be emotional, but it’s pretty hard not to laugh! I was watching through the DVD special features and it’s pretty clear that the director was a big fan of that white powder that was oh-so-popular in the ’80s, so I can imagine the discussion towards the end: “Big car crash? Check. Corner the werewolf in an alleyway? Check. Wait, we need that girl back, yeah? Okay, done. Yeah, that’ll do, stop filming.”


  2. I’ll never, ever forget that Nazi dream sequence. Seriously, it comes out of nowhere but rather than being stupid and random (which it is), it’s terribly scary surprisingly. Nice review.


  3. GaryLee828

    I never even watched that Werewolf in Paris; it looked totally lame, and I even thought that as a teenager when it came out. But London is a classic! I have the DVD in my classic horror section, alongside Halloween, The Exorcist, Rosemary’s Baby, The Fly, Frankenstein, Freaks, The Man Who Laughs, and Nosferatu. It’s in good company. 🙂


  4. Excellent movie. The werewolf transformation looks painful, as it should!! If you imagine yourself actually transforming from a human into a whole different species, it sure isn’t going to be pretty, and it sure isn’t going to be without pain. Fuck CGI for making werewolf transformations for removing all the horror.


      • theipc

        LOL awesome!! At least in the insipid sequel the CGI transformations weren’t “I jump in the air and suddenly I’m a werewolf” horseshit…

        Happy weekend to you!!


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