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The French have put out some pretty grizzly, hard to watch horror over the last few years; such as HIGH TENSION, MARTYRS and FRONTIER(S).  With TENSION came a new look at horror, incredibly bloody with all sorts of new horror effects. MARTYRS has to be the most brutal, sickening movie I have personally ever seen and FRONTIER(S) (I have no idea why the s is there in parentheses) is probably the bloodiest thing I have ever experienced. The trailer for MUTANTS made it look like the Frenchie version of 28 DAYS LATER along the lines of the three movies I cited earlier, with a copying of the Scandinavian COLD PREY setting of a snowy, frosty French something or other building. Overall it’s not as good as any of those productions, but after the first hour it got kind of interesting and intense… and gruesome.  I would say this is not too bad overall but it took a lengthy, gore filled while to get to the action.


It starts off with a disgusting bang: through the credits we see some blurry mob of, well, mutants I suppose, tearing into to some folks. When the credits finish, a survivor stumbles her way through the snowy forest and onto the interstate when she is promptly blown to smithereens by an oncoming ambulance. Inside the vehicle are our two leads, a soldier and someone infected with the disease (that is never explained). Turns out there’s no hope for the infected bastard, so they pull over, dispose of him, mop the blood and guts out of the ambulance and head somewhere to get gas.  Inside the remote and deserted filling station, apparently there is one remaining survivor, covered in blood and screaming. Oh wait! He’s autistic so he can come along. But, sadly, he attacks the male lead and his head is blown to bits all over the other guy’s face… guess whose infected now??


We really do spend the next forty or so minutes watching this dude “mutate”. It’s really gross and boring, but when she finally locks him in the cellar things pick up. Four other very angry survivors show up, packing heat and they sure are mad about something. They beat up our nurse, yell at each other and scowl about. Eventually the mutants get into this unnamed, strange, sprawling complex, gorily eat everyone and, ala 28 DAYS LATER, we get their own version of the wicked, ascending score leading up to gory climax.


So – it’s not too bad, but aside from the boring stretch, I found some questionable parts. Like – if we just spent five minutes watching this guy bloodily pull his teeth out, why is his mouth full of fine choppers when he is getting his transfusion? Why is he naked and covered in blood a scene later? Where did all that blood come from? Why are the survivors so unhappy… doesn’t everyone just want to live? Is that really the best time for a BJ? Why do these mutants have four nostrils? Did they grow two new ones or did the existing ones grow some skin in there? Oh well… if you’re in the mood for a movie like this, either of the “28 Laters” are far better.


  1. GaryLee828

    Okay dude, I have this on my netflix queue and will give it a shot later today. 🙂 I’m willing to bet I like the first half more than the second, though. I am more about the emotional impact of a story than the physical. Usually.

    Also, you forgot to list “Inside” with your other french horror films. I would have to assume you’ve seen it, right??


      • GaryLee828

        DUDE, YOU HAVE TO SEE “INSIDE”!!!!!!!!!!!! like NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol.

        It is one of the most gruesome, violent, tense, and suspenseful films you will EVER see!!!

        I thought it was required by law to pair “Inside” with “High Tension”. If you watch one you HAVE to immediately follow-up with the other!! 🙂


      • Got to side with Gary, Inside is fantastic. Not as good as Martyrs or Frontiers, but right up there.

        This Mutants seems ok, I do love the 28 days series. Good job Eric 🙂


    • theipc

      Also – man I wouldn’t rush out to see this one. It’s OK but not great.

      You should check out this thing called ALYCE KILLS and let me know what you think. I am trying to get something put together for a Friday post.


      • GaryLee828

        What,”Mutants” is more groundbreaking than Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead”? Ok dude, I’ll give it a look but by the way you’re hyping it up it better not suck!! lol.

        No, I’m going in with low expectations, so not expecting much, and if it does suck I will simply turn it off. You know “Mutants” was directed by the same guy who did “Home Sweet Home”, right?

        I will also give “Alyce Kills” a watch later today or tomorrow.


      • theipc

        I did! Technically this was a post I did back in like 2011 that no one has ever read. After looking at Home Sweet Home and noticing it was the same director, I tried to soup up this old post and put it back out : )


  2. GaryLee828

    Okay, I just watched and it was everything I hoped it wouldn’t be. Cliche after cliche. I think I am officially done with zombie movies now; there doesn’t seem to be any unique spins on this sub-genre. 28 Days Later was good, but now every zombie film imitates it. I skipped “World War Z” b/c it just doesn’t look appealing, not to mention it’s a PG-13 american mainstream “horror” starring Brad Pitt.

    On a much brighter and more interesting note: “Three’s Company” has been playing on TV Land for the last 3 hours, and I got to see Mr. Furley’s introduction episode! He’s putting the mack-down on all of Santa Monica!! LOL.


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