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A few weeks ago, I signed up to be a part of THE CINEMATIC KATZENJAMMER’S NOT SO SECRET SANTA REVIEW SWAP (IN JULY). I didn’t know how this was going to work but imagine my surprise (for you beautiful people who read this often or occasionally) that this horror guy over here got gifted with a G-Rated Japanese cartoon called WHISPER OF THE HEART.Being a man of my word I gave it a watch and…  I mean, what can I say? This isn’t my type of movie. I didn’t much care for it so I had trouble paying attention but I am not going to come out here and dog on it because I am probably just a big dumbass and it’s beautiful and has a terrific message and all of that. I just didn’t get it, so I had trouble giving a flip about what was going on. So, instead of ragging on it like I sometimes do, I thought I would present an illustration of what it’s like when I get bored. (Yes, some people listen to the radio or the baseball game when it’s slow at work, I pop in a DVD).


*Repeat for TWO hours*


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    • theipc


      The wife and I started using those back teeth floss things a couple of years ago. One day, I was walking through the hall at work and looked down and there was a used one just lying there on the floor. I was all “OH GROSS” – I mean that’s what you do, just floss your fucking teeth and throw it on the ground. Then, a week or so later I saw another one on the ground somewhere else.

      Now we have this thing that after we use one we just plop it on the ground and get a laugh. (We pick them up of course)

      That’s why that particular pic was used : )


    • theipc

      Now let’s be sure we’re on the same page – during the first and last weeks of the month I am balls out busy. The middle just sags sometimes and I combat boredom with a little DVD action. If it wasn’t for that solution the poor janitor might have found me hanging from a rope one night…!


      • haha! Its okay! I know you did. 😉 I have to say this one isn’t Miyazaki’s best and definitely not a choice for a dude 😉 I’ve only seen half of this and never got back to watching it (which I should). I mean you might have enjoyed Nausicaa more…just one with more action going on..haha!


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