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This segment is to try and prove to people that I don’t only watch horseshit, non-mainstream movies and that I’m not totally insane. LOL 

(The next morning) MRS. THE IPC: What did you think about that movie last night?

ME: It was totally ridiculous.

ME: But I guess it was kind of fun…

MRS. THE IPC: I suppose that’s all it was meant to be.

ME: (LOLs) Chuck Norris killes everyone with one bullet!!

ME: Silly.

MRS. THE IPC: “I’ll be back!” “NO – I’LL be back. You sit here and wait!” “Yippee Kai Yay then!”

MRS. THE IPC: I notice they didn’t show much of Van Damme’s face. He must not be aging well.

ME: “He wears his Grand-Dad’s clothes!!”

MRS. THE IPC: “He’s up there stuntin’ it!!”

ME: I still don’t even know what that means.

MRS. THE IPC: I don’t either…

ME: Kids today!!!

ME: That video is hilarious!

MRS. THE IPC: I know!

MRS. THE IPC: Are you going to write about Expendables?

ME: Nah – just the quickie thing. I don’t think this deserves a big write up. It’s just bullets and one liners.


MRS. THE IPC: I lub.

ME: I lub u!

ME: I wear your Grand-Dad’s Clothes!


  1. GaryLee828

    “This segment is to try to prove that I don’t only watch horseshit…”

    Yeah, THIS will definitely show everyone your refined & sophisticated movie tastes! lol.

    Okay, okay – this week it’s “Inside” or bust, brother; you can do a write-up after you recover! 🙂


  2. This sounds like it could be pretty fun, but then I skipped the first because of the reviews it got. It can’t hurt too much just to skip straight to the second can it?


    • theipc

      Not at all – the first one was terrible.

      The only reason we watched this is because there was nothing else to watch and we would have had to buy Oblivion instead of rent it. No thanks –

      This was acceptable and gave us some laughs : )


  3. Van Damme was the best thing in it. At least he could be bothered to get in shape (along with Lundgren and Stallone). By the way, have you seen Universal Soldier: Regeneration? I think you’d like that. Not really mainstream, lots of cool action, and a totally epic fight between Lundgren and Van Damme.


  4. I fucking hate this movie. It’s horrible on every god damn level of horribleness. I don’t know how it’s possible, but Stallone has forgotten what makes the good stuff from the ’80s actually good.

    That said, Van Damme is the best thing in it, and he’s awesome. That’s probably why he didn’t get a lot of screen time. Can’t have too many good things in this crap heap. Also, way to shit on Scott Adkins (not you, the movie).


  5. Stacy

    Watched this with the kids this weekend & we thought it was fun – you know, one of those movies you describe that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Of course it’s not all-out action like their hay-day movies – it’s not supposed to be. And I think some of the bad dialogue was on purpose, making fun of themselves. I usually can’t stand Van Damme but I think this was the best acting I’ve seen out of him, lol! I don’t know how my 9 year old knows who Chuck Norris is but he thought that was the best part hahaha – that man is 73 years old!! Good fun on a Friday night – a free rental from Amazon Prime – I wouldn’t have dropped $50 to take us all to the theater for this one.


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