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*NOTE: This is probably going to be one of those personal posts and not one laced with rib splitting, gut busting, ball-sack tearing comedy, so I understand if you clear on out now*

It’s always hard to answer when someone asks me what my favorite movie is. It’s totally either THE PROFESSIONAL or ROCKY. But then there are other movies I absolutely love like RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD and THE EXORCIST 3 that could top the list but they’re not as emotional and moving to me as the other two. Well – if you were so inclined you could look at THIS PAGE and see a bunch of my favorites. Those are links if you’d like to read them, you know, while you’re having your afternoon stool.


Anyway, like I’ve said before on this site, it’s very easy for me to get depressed (and it’s not easy for me to snap out of it) especially when I’m left all alone. When this came out I had just graduated high school and went off to California for the summer where I met this short Mexican girl and totally fell in love with her. Then I had to come back home and I was sad beyond belief and depressed as shit and all of my friends were gone off to college out in the States, so it was getting worse and worse. One day I went to see this movie and totally bonded with the character of Collie; he was all alone in the world until he fell for this woman and she breaks his heart, all of this, of course, being told around a kidnapping-gone-wrong story.


What I’m trying to get at is that this is one of my favorite movies – I’ve watched it dozens and dozens of times and it never gets old. Collie blows into town and a couple of lowlifes get him involved in the kidnapping of a billionaire’s kid. In typical Noir fashion, things don’t go right ever and we spiral down to the bitter end. If anyone looks at this place for actual recommendations and not just for hallucination inducing hilarity, this is a slow Film Noir that doesn’t have any funny-ha-ha moments. The acting from Jason Patric is excellent, Rachel Ward takes off her clothes and Bruce Dern is as slimy as ever – but there’s not much exciting about it – it’s a moody movie. There’s also a shot from this movie that stuck in my head that I always used as a Paradigm for my life: me up against a mountain, all alone:


But I don’t have to feel like that any longer because I’ve got my wife and family and I don’t have to feel shame for all of the things I’ve fucked up in my life and sometimes I’m even proud of myself and wah wah go suck an egg you big puss, right? Anyway… have you seen this? If not, I think you should – but don’t go in expecting some big summer blockbuster type of thing.



  1. kloipy

    I’m a full on example of an introvert and I think people like that are more prone to that feeling of being up against the world. Or in my case feeling like I’m not from this planet if you understand what I mean. But through reaching out to others, I’ve definitely found I’m not as alone as I once thought. thanks for writing this man


    • theipc

      Thank YOU, Seth. I know how you feel 1000%. Aside from my family, I love our little community we have out here. Too bad we’re not rich and we can zip all over the world and have beers together…


  2. I can’t even imagine what it would me like wearing five top hats. How big is your head? Do you have growths? Are you a quadrunicorn? I NEED ANSWERS!!! It’s my money and I want it now!


    • theipc

      Sorry – got this on my commute home. I hope your wait in the lobby wasn’t too bad and you got to read your fair share of HIGHLIGHTS Magazine.

      I actually only have the one head but I have five cantaloupe sized cranial irregularities growing on them which kind of make me look like a 6′ 4″ stalk of caucasian skin colored cauliflower… wearing a golf shirt and jeans at the moment. Oh and some Keens.


  3. The Professional is one of my favourites too. Jean Reno as well. Have you seen 22 Bullets, Eric?
    I like it when you talk about yourself – I like you, and yes, oh for a big pile of cash to go on an extended jaunt around the world to meet up with bloggy buddies.
    I really need a ride in a surr(e?)y with a fringe on top too. 😉


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