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Hey everyone – don’t forget to send over your SHITFEST 2013: FALL submissions!! I know a lot of you said you were in – I want to run the contest the entire month of September, so don’t delay! Remember – here’s the rules:

  • I’ll take entries through August 31st. Please send to
  • You can send me as many as you want but my desire would be to use one per person unless someone isn’t able to deliver (because they’re out having a foot amputated unexpectedly) so, if you want to send me five, let me know which you absolutely want to get out there.
  • There’s no genre limitation although horror is preferred.
  • I love it when you include pics and links and such, just be sure to tell me WHERE you want them inserted.
  • I would love to include a logo for your site at the top of the post, so I can link to it and people can click it to get to your place instead of just hyper-linking some text. Something simple, like this:


  • I was very pleased with how fair and diverse the open voting went so we’ll do that again and, in the case of a tie, we’ll do the jury system.

Also – there’s a cash prize or, if you live in an acceptable shipping geography, you could win a sharp looking trophy like this one:



(on a side note, you’ll notice a new link on the top right of my header – click it CLICK IT!!)


  1. So, am I correct in that you want reviews of the crappiest books, movies, and other media of the year? Do I have this correctly? Cause I’ve had to read a lot of total garbage and believe that in the BOOK category, I’ve got some real shit to submit. But having never done this before, I’m not sure of the format or whatever. Just info needed.


  2. I don’t think i’m qualified to submit a review on a movie… I dislike most mainstream movies and would probably start getting hate mail for any review I did LOL
    I think I’ll just vote and enjoy reading all of the goodies you post. It’s safer that way.


  3. Aww shit! I have to watch that shitty movie now! I don’t like my choice. I picked one that’s way too obvious. But I don’t want to spend more money on another shit movie! 😉
    By the way – Geez you’ve been busy! I fall a little behind on blog reading and then you do like 20 posts. Lol


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