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The first time I watched MOON – a few years ago, I am pretty sure I was stoned on Mexican Dirt Grass and never really remembered how it ended or even got it. I just watched this again all dry and coherent and I am gonna come out and say how much I LOVED this movie. The technical aspects of this are phenomenal, Sam Rockwell acted his fucking balls off, GERTY was slightly heart moistening and the story was just fucking fantastic. BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO FUCKING BRAVO! This movie is excellente!


Who looks at this place that hasn’t seen MOON? Here’s the plot: in the future we discover a source of energy from minerals found on the moon. The company that produces and sells it has a mining camp up there and it’s run by Sam Rockwell and his computer pal GERTY. He’s contracted for three years and then he gets to go home. By the time this starts he only has two weeks left then he gets to go home to his lovely wife and daughter. YAY!! Sex!! Drugs!! Rock and Roll!!! (Not really – well, maybe The Sex). But, that wouldn’t be such a good movie if he just up and left 12 minutes into the film. Instead he starts seeing things that shouldn’t be there, his health becomes shitty and he has a huge accident (out on the moon, not in his pants).


I would be surprised to find anyone out HERE that hasn’t seen it so – if you haven’t: SPOILERS. In real time we watch as he wakes up after his wreck and starts to get re-oriented. He goes about his business and a little later goes out to check on some mining equipment – and runs across his OWN INJURED BODY!!! WOAH!!! WHAT??? HUH?? Soon there’s two of em walking around and they realize they’re clones and they’re not the only ones, there’s a ton of them down in the “basement”. This kind of goes from a straight up sci-fi flick and turns into a emotional treatment of what it feels like to realize your entire life has been a sham and everything you hoped for doesn’t exist. There’s a really emotional scene (to me) when Sam 1 is breaking down and trying to log into his computer to look at his old records and he can’t get in so GERTY comes in and helps him out. Makes me sniffy. Anyway – if you haven’t seen this movie you totally should! It’s not all Sci Fi so don’t worry about that.


Either way, now that you’ve broken out your tissues and had a good cry, head on over to THE BLOGGERS CUT and check out our brand spanking new feature. Be careful on two fronts – 1) it’s NSFW and 2) you just might laugh yourself silly!



  1. This is a great movie and Duncan Jones is awesome, BUT…
    Why did they have the clone thing which probably cost billions and all that secrecy and controversy and risk Sam looking down in the basement and finding out about it when they could have actually just had a different guy go up there every three years?


  2. Wow…so many f-bombs! I’ll also recommend Europa Report, amazing film…but I digress. This just might be my all time favourite film. Sam Rockwell is just unparalleled. Spacey as Gerty is phenomenal. Jones did an absolutely superlative job with the story and direction. Clint Mansell’s score is hauntingly atmospheric. Everything about this film is perfect. Great write-up!


    • theipc

      LOL – I’ve been watching a lot of deadwood lately… must be wearing off on me…

      Your gravatar is actually what inspired me to give it another watch. This movie is excellent! Thanks for the comment!


  3. My only take-away from this flick would have to be that I wish they didn’t get somebody’s voice as noticeable as Spacey’s to do the robot, but all in all, great movie and wonderful, if not Oscar-worthy performance from Rockwell. Then again though, it seems like every performance of his has the chance of being up for an Oscar. Good review Joseph.


    • theipc

      Joseph? It’s Eric : )

      Thanks! The only thing I think that would have made it slightly better for me is if he had been out there for, say, 100 years or so.

      Thanks again!


  4. You have finally watched an actual movie. Good job, Eric. Moon is one of my favorites and continues to fight for my favorite sci-fi flick of the last 10 years with District 9 and Sunshine.


  5. Loved this movie, though I it took me a while before I trusted it. I stumbled across it showing and had no background or pedigree before I settled in. At first, I though it was exactly the kind of sci/fi I don’t like. (Too unemotional and slow.) It took a turn, though, and a good one.


      • Haha! I’m just jesting.

        Yeah, I’m good bro. Not much writing going on. I’m studying at the moment, as well as, working so the blog has had to take a little break just now.

        Boat Drinks!


      • theipc

        LOL – no, it’s true – I’ve always had the hots for trashy horror : )

        Take it easy and good luck on your studies!

        Boat Drinks!


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