Isaacs Picture Conclusions



These days, anyone with a cell phone and a bag of cherry syrup seems to be able to put out a horror movie. In my experience I have found that:

  • Anything with a movie posted that features a dirty / half dead / beaten / bloody / etc woman in the act of screaming is a good indicator of a cheap, shitty movie that one should avoid and / or take a greasy poop on.
  • Anything that starts with “A Haunting In” or “The Haunting Of” probably meets the same criteria and should likewise be endorsed by a hot defecation.

Mixing the two together and adding a second ghost-woman was a sure set up for me working out a giant bowel movement and getting to work on the review of this but, you know, I didn’t think this was too bad.  One good thing this had going for it was that it didn’t look like a cheap gutter hooker, I also liked the lead and the mom actresses, I thought the ghosts were effective and it kept me mildly entertained through the end. I could probably pass on the guy who played the dad and his dumb hairdo and the iffy ax-wielding, but, *shrugs* whatever. It’s better than a lot of the shit I watch. I always think that it would be really funny if some filmmaker got balls and used a quote from my site for promotion: “It’s better than a lot of the shit I watch”: Isaacs Picture Conclusions.


I could also probably have done without the questionable ending… I mean – if THAT’S how it ended, why couldn’t that have happened AT ANY TIME before this movie takes place?? Oh well – for some reason I really liked the two ghosts (above) and I liked the mom character / actress (below). In summary, the other day when the wife went upstairs to do her workout and have a subsequent bath, I watched this for free over on Netflix and didn’t hate this decision. “I didn’t hate this decision.”: Isaacs Picture Conclusions.


Plus, it’s got this guy in it. You can’t go wrong with some B’iJik from Star Trek: TNG.


So what’s this all about? Some ghosts are haunting someone for something that happened to them long ago. Everyone thinks the girl who sees the ghosts is crazy. Ever heard of that plot? Of course, we all know there’s not much left to be original about – so something so familiar needs to be executed well and I think this did it. I say to your face: trust me, I’ve seen MUCH worse (in the last week to be honest). Not bad for a Sunday afternoon. “I’ve seen MUCH worse” : Isaacs Picture Conclusions.



  1. GaryLee828

    I know this is on netflix instant, so I quit reading after you said “it’s not bad”. I am going to add to queue; will drop a comment after I watch and see for myself. It better not suck, or I’m suspending your blog license for a week!! 🙂


    • theipc

      Or the ghost from Peanuts – where Charlie Brown can’t work a scissors – give me a minute and I’ll reply back with a painting I did years ago.


  2. Hey! why are you fucking with my head today. LMAO
    “Not bad for a Sunday afternoon” knowing it’s Saturday today you had me double check the effing calendar anyway just to be sure I didn’t lose a day somewhere along the way… it’s been one of those weeks.


  3. GaryLee828

    Okay, I just watched and basically agree with most of your review; not much else to say about it, though. It’s one of those films I’ll probably never think about again after watching. It was okay, but nothing worth discussing. Not enough good, or bad to get passionate about. I agree about the ending; why didn’t they just do that a long time ago? lol.


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