Isaacs Picture Conclusions



This segment is to try and prove to people that I don’t only watch horseshit, non-mainstream movies and that I’m not totally insane. LOL 


ME: What did you think about that?

MRS. THE IPC: It wasn’t as awesome as I thought it would be.

ME: (pause)

ME: Not really, I suppose.

MRS. THE IPC: Some of it just didn’t work.

ME: Like Jodie Foster playing a French woman who speaks in English?

MRS THE IPC: And why did they speak Spanish half the time and English the rest?

MRS. THE IPC: Matt Damon was good though.

MRS. THE IPC: What did you think?

ME: EH – it was OK… I thought the whole Kruger character was dumb and REALLY??? They blew half of that guy’s head off and can revive him but not the other guy?

MRS. THE IPC: Well that was to establish you had to have brain power left.

ME: I know – but they’re trying to tell me that the guy with half a head still had brain energy after what was probably 30 or 40 minutes of real time?? He had half a brain! I’m not buying it.


ME: And when they revived him they revived him with that stupid beard??

ME: And a feathered haircut???


ME: And also – in the future and there’s all of this technology and guns and weapons and shit and his favorite weapon is a fucking Samurai sword?? I don’t think so.

MRS. THE IPC: Are you going to write about it?

ME: Probably just the “Quickie” thing. There are already a bunch of people  putting stuff out about it who are going to do a better job than I would. More passionate.

ME: The special effects were fucking incredible though!

MRS. THE IPC: They sure were….

ME: Oh well, it was worth going to see it in the theaters though.

MRS. THE IPC: I lub.

ME: I lub u!


    • theipc

      LOL – I LUB them too : )

      I intend to do more – there hasn’t been much to watch lately so we’ve been watching this TV show called “Justified”. It’s pretty good : )


      • theipc

        It is – his name is Timothy Olyphant and he’s one of my favorite actors. Have you ever heard of a show called Deadwood? I’ve been hooked on it for almost two straight weeks (and this is my third time watching the series). Deadwood is very R-rated from HBO. Justified is very PG-13 from F/X Network.


      • that’s right, that’s the guy’s name. I couldn’t remember LOL.
        I’ve heard of Deadwood but haven’t watched it. Isn’t it a crying shame that the only thing worth paying to watch HBO for ARE their series… that’s why I quit paying for HBO.
        I catch up on this crap eventually, or when you post something and I decide that I have to watch it. Like that Moon movie the other day. Still working on that one ; )


      • theipc

        Deadwood, Carnivale and Game of Thrones are worth the cost for HBO and HBOGO… I have a post I need to finish about Deadwood season 1 coming out soon. It’s a late 1800s western so it might not be what you want, but it’s really, really good. I watch those three shows a lot.


  1. Tom

    hahah this is great. I also disagree about the quality of Sharlo Copley’s character, but to each his own. This movie certainly let me down in spots — so in that sense, yes this movie disappointed me. It honestly looked P-E-R-F-E-C-T in the trailers, but then again– that’s the trailer’s job! lol. I liked it a lot, forgave a lot of its’ imperfections, although I couldn’t get over Jodie Foster’s shit character. Total disappointment there.


    • theipc

      Jodie sucked and I really like her. Glad you liked it so much – I guess I was expecting something… “more”. I don’t know. Something about the heavily tattooed, filthy gangsters being super hackers also bothered me a little. Not sure why.

      One thing’s for sure – this guy and his special effects team have set the bar for ghetto and robots effects.


  2. Lemuel Severance

    …The family Severance saw this at the drive-in last night (with 2 Guns)
    Lemuel: 2 Guns had some bad press – but I thought Denzel and Marky would be kinda’ fun at least – but nope
    The Professor: Elysium wasn’t that good either
    The Teenager: Not the best Matt Damon movie – but I liked it.
    Lemuel: It really was just a straight up action movie – and in that sense I guess it worked – as long as you didn’t need anything ‘deep’
    The Professor: Loved that drive-in though
    The Teenager: Yep!
    Lemuel: we’ll be back soon


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