Isaacs Picture Conclusions



SOOOOOOOOOOO – I’ve read a bunch of good things about this over the last few months and it finally came out as a “Early Release” here where I live so I spent eight bucks and rented it (there really was nothing else cheaper to do). I also liked the director’s KILL LIST (for the most part) and wanted to see how he’d do with a comedy so I pulled the trigger.

Through the first ten or fifteen minutes of this I was having a good time, enjoying some dark, sly British wit. Make no mistake – I never didn’t really like this movie – but after about 30 minutes of this I started getting a little bit bored and uninterested (but not hating it, mind you) and it was kind of hard to understand these actors with their thick accents. It was also about time to get the chicken marinating and it turned out we didn’t have any fucking vinegar so I had to go to the grocery store. By the time I got back the wife was out of the bath and I got the marinade made and the wife was like, “Are you gonna finish your movie?” and I declined because I had gotten so uninterested in it.

By the time it was movie watching time the next day, my rental had expired so I was out eight bucks and wasn’t willing to spend it again on something like that. I thought it was OK but decided to do this new maybe one-time-only feature to see if I could get some feedback on how wrong or right I was…? Should I rent it again? Is there fulfillment? Should I invest the time again for free? What’s the scoop, poop?? If no one ever answers that’s OK but – for you Good and Most Beloved Readers who look out here for recommendations on how to spend your dough, I wouldn’t advise taking the plunge on this one BUT – I didn’t finish the fucker.



    • theipc

      I was actually really liking this for the most part… “Don’t forget to pack your sponge” and then kind of got bored. You say it’s worth finishing??


  1. GaryLee828

    Anytime you put on a british, or australian film, always turn on the captions to be sure you understand all the dialogue; i actually do this with every video I watch including american films, as well, b/c there’s a lot of times where dialogue is soft-spoken and hard to understand…

    As far as “Sightseers” though, doesn’t really seem like my kind of movie. I may watch if it ever comes to netflix instant and I’m caught up with everything else, but it won’t be a priority anytime in the near future.


  2. I’ve seen it. It’s awesome. You should rent it again. I maybe liked it more because it visits a few places I’ve been to. Plus I liked the jokes it makes against folk from Yorkshire, which includes me!! Although it’s a bit rich, considering one of the characters is from Birmingham, who have the stupidest sounding accents in the whole of the UK!! Haha!


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