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INSIDE (2007)


Here’s some thoughts I had when I fired this up:

The images during these opening credits are pretty disgusting.

They smoke in hospitals in France??? Fuckers!!

Oh I guess it’s forbidden after all.

Someone just used the word “twat”.

That shirtless Frenchmen has a shitload of moles on his back.

They better not fuck with the fucking cat!!!

Disgusting – I hate when people throw up and roll around in it. GROSSSSSSSSSSS

I guess that was just a bad dream.

OK – this is starting to creep me the fuck out.

Why wouldn’t she IMMEDIATELY turn on every light in her house?!?!?!?!?



And that’s where I’ll stop that nonsense. Let me tell you that this movie is one sick mother fucker and if you haven’t seen it, there’s gonna be spoilers here. I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade or go around saying my opinion is right or anything, because I’m just a big dummy, and I know that some people recommended this to me because they really like it. Now – I don’t think I’m a big puss when it comes to extreme violence and gore and, in all honesty, the first half of this movie (where there was no extreme violence and gore) was actually pretty tense and actually giving me the willies.


But then the second half of the movie is just one sick act after another that really, just got a little old for me. BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD CARNAGE BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD GORE GORE GORE DISGUSTING DISGUSTING DISGUSTING DISGUSTING and then they really had to show THAT??? Oh – and yes they fucking killed the cat. Here’s a couple of problems I had with it:

  • Being a home owner I’ve had to deal with many doors and doorways in my life. Interior doors (especially bathroom doors) are actually very thin and light and could EASILY be torn through by a determined woman – especially a woman who destroyed three armed police men. The door that separates The Woman and The Victim is fortified like a fucking castle. Maybe things are different in France.
  • Four real, three trained, armed cops couldn’t subdue this female? And what the fuck kind of pistols were they carrying that would blow that guy’s face clean off??
  • There was NO POINT for the one cop to “come back to life” and start beating the pregnant woman in the stomach. That was stupid and unnecessary and just trying to be shocking for shock’s sake.

In the end – I don’t think this is re-watchable on any level and I am left with a bad taste in my mouth. I understand it’s well made and sets the bar for gore effects but…… gross.


  1. I love this film. 5/5 one of the few modern horror films that’s terrifying! People say a woman can’t be scary in a horror film. Woman in this will give you nightmares!

    This is what an exploitation should be. Brilliant!


  2. Really, Eric? REALLY?! This is the movie that makes you throw the towel in? INSIDE is awesome. It’s gory, it’s terrifying, and it pushes every button you could think of. I love it.


  3. LOL ! Where the heck do you find these movies? Netflix ? I always check what’s showing on Chiller , and definitely Chiller doesn’t show French movies. I did show one japanese horror movie though.


    • GaryLee828

      Renx, I recommended it to him; this one isn’t available on netflix – at least not netflix streaming. He actually had to order the physical DVD for this one.

      Renx, you should check this one out. Most people like it. I think you may, as well. I think Eric is in the minority here, although of course there are some that would agree with him, but I know a lot of people, including myself, who are big on this film.


  4. GaryLee828

    Eric, I totally don’t even remember the part about the cop coming back to life; all i think about when I think about this movie is the sheer suspense and intensity of the moment. The gore is a non-factor for me. I am not into gore. I look away at a lot of it to be honest. I like suspense. Like in Scorsese’s “Cape Fear” remake w/ De Niro.

    I love “High Tension” b/c of the suspense and “tension”. A lot of people also say “High Tension” is too gory, etc. but I don’t think about the couple of minutes of gore. I think about the running to the room and setting everything back into place as you can hear the wife screaming downstairs and how much panic sets in; and then as you hide under the bed and hear the killer’s boots clomping against the hardwood floor as he enters the room. And then checking the faucet and the bathtub, etc. and b/c Aja’s masterful directing just really ups the tension and makes you feel like you’re there, stuck in the middle of it.

    And I think “Inside” was able to do something similar – which is what makes it so creepy and effective.

    And I will say that some bathroom doors are thicker and stronger than others; especially in older houses that seemed to be sturdier. So that can’t be much of an issue. And the officers I think were caught off-guard if I remember correctly. She caught them on a sneak-attack when they weren’t prepared. At least that’s how I remember it.

    But I thought I remember you saying you liked gory movies? Am I getting you mixed up with another blogger? As for me I just like the suspense. 🙂

    Sorry you didn’t like the film much, but maybe you can keep it and revisit the first half sometime; it was creepy and well-executed as you said.


    • theipc

      I like gore – but I like it “fun” if that makes sense..? Like – when she nailed her hand to the wall with the scissors – that was nice – when they blew the guy’s head off – that was almost funny – when she pulled the baby out of her stomach – that was sickening.

      And honestly, the first half of this movie almost had me – scared!


  5. Yeah. What the fuck, France? I LOVE horror. I cut my teeth on Phantasm, Hellraiser and The Evil Dead. I love boobs, blood and gore. But this was just sickening in a “Ooh look what we did! Nasty, right? And now look at THIS! We don’t need a good story or any entertainment factor, we can be SHOCKING!” way that disgusts and pisses me off.

    And as long as I’m ranting, I’m beyond sick of recent horror films (this, Martyrs and A Serbian film come to mind) being lauded as “Hard to sit through” and “An uncomfortable viewing experience” as if that should be a selling point. Bitches, when I want to feel uncomfortable and sickened I’ll go to my goddamn therapy sessions. There’s more than enough of that misery in real life. I want my horror movies to be a good time. Like you said above, I want it to be FUN. It can be twisted, gory and disturbing while STILL being fun. Some cop suffering confusion following massive head trauma and so brutally beating a pregnant character isn’t fucking fun. It’s not scary, it’s not hardcore and it’s not brave. It’s just sick and sad.

    /Rant 😉

    (Note: All that is purely my own personal opinion. And I dig midget porn, bad movies, 18ga needles as sex toys and blue raspberry flavored vodka jello shots so my taste is questionable at best. Fans of the film are free to disagree or disregard. But I feel better having ranted about it. Love your reviews, as always!)

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  6. Absolutely. I hated this. I thought it was WRETCHED. Whatever they might have achieved with this at the start – tension, foreboding, terror – was utterly lost on me after THE WRETCHED THING. As a consequence I can see absolutely nothing good about this film. I thought it was disgusting and I’d be more than happy if I’d never watched it.

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