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This segment is to try and prove to people that I don’t only watch horseshit, non-mainstream movies and that I’m not totally insane. LOL 

MRS. THE IPC: *turns on the radio* What is this, Scorpions Day??



ME: How did you like it??

MRS. THE IPC: I thought it was really good!!

ME: I FUCKING LOVED IT!! That’s my kind of movie right there.

MRS THE IPC: *pulls over so Mr. IPC can have a smoke* I wish they hadn’t killed XXXXX.

MRS. THE IPC: But it was really good!

ME: *contemplating the deepest aspects of human life* (pause) *points* There’s… there’s a fucking rag or something up in that tree…

MRS. THE IPC: That’s weird…

ME: *returning to normal*  I loved it!  I loved the over the top violence, the music, the dialogue, everything. Jim Carrey and his no publicizing can go fuck himself. It was awesome. I can’t wait to see it again. And it was funny too…. nice anal beads…

MRS. THE IPC: Yep – so what’s next, (term of affection)?

ME: (pause, deep in thought)

ME: (pause, deep in thought)

MRS. THE IPC:  Are you there??

ME: Oh… yeah… I have to piss.

MRS. THE IPC: Home it is!

*Minutes later, in the car*

MRS. THE IPC: Hey! Seventeen people liked our picture! (A pic we posted on lovely FB of us in the theater)

MRS. THE IPC: I hope they make a third one.

ME: They set it up for one it seems. I like the XXX XXXX. What the fuck is this fucking douche doing?? Go around this stupid Mercedes. I bet they’re drunk. Or texting and driving. (She was texting)

ME: OOO – The Offspring (on the radio)!

MRS. THE IPC: I don’t like The Offspring…

ME: What? What’s up with that?


ME: I see. Maybe you could go a little faster? I really need to piss.

*Minutes later, at home*

ME: *Entering “my” bathroom, yelling across the house* There’s a dead moth in the candle thing in here!!


MRS. THE IPC: I’m gonna go exercise, what are you gonna do?

ME: Go start a post about our movie. And then play some Plants vs Zombies 2.




    • theipc


      I really did (we both did) it’s good fun. I think the people who have been dogging it may have been expecting too much. Just have fun!


  1. 1. Plants vs Zombies RULES

    2. I hope it wasn’t Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)! Some Come Out & Play would be good.

    3. I freaking HATE moths. They serve no purpose. Why do we need them? Really?

    4. Anal beads.

    5. I hated the first Kick Ass

    6. Wind of Change is a really shit song

    7. I’m doing everything I can to stall because I really don’t want to watch my Shitfest movie. It’s in the DVD player. I’ve just started drinking as I’ve decided that I really can’t be sober for it.


    • theipc

      LOL – one of the greatest comments ever!

      1) Yes it does, you should totally check out number 2 – we’ve been playing it nonstop for days. Also – check out the picture at the bottom of this page before the comments start. YOU should appreciate them… (I did those)

      2) I can’t remember which one it was but it wasn’t Pretty Fly because I hate that fucker and would have changed it.

      3) They don’t really bother me but I didn’t want to dig a dead one out some candle wax. (It’s still there)

      4) Not sure how far we can go with this one but they were… eh… large…

      5) : ( You wouldn’t like this then…

      6) The Scorpions are one of my favorites – “He’s lickin’ his lips, he’s ready to win..”

      7) I bow to you and eHug you platonically for your effort in this endeavor. I am currently stalling on changing the cat litter. I can’t wait for the final mystery product!!


      • 1) Sorry I disappeared for a few days but I got really drunk watching my Shitfest movie and it took days to recover. Okay, and I’ve also been playing Plants vs Zombies non-stop as well ever since you told me that 2 was out. Thanks for that! I think… 😉 And that picture is awesome! Love them. Nice work! 🙂

        2) Yes, Pretty Fly sucks

        3) Fucking things

        4) Ouch

        5) Nope

        6) I went through a Scorpions phase when I was like 17. It was only Wind Of Change that was far too cheesy!

        7) I wasn’t sure how to read that. Is the final mystery product my Shitfest review or your cat’s shit?! 🙂


  2. There was so much TORONTO in this movie!!! I loved it.
    At one point, the superheroes are all sitting around in my favourite pizza place, Pizzaiolo! It made me very happy, and very hungry.


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