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(An oldie)

This movie seemed to have a lot going for it, to me, just based on the poster, and i have always liked the babysitter-in-peril story. This was coming after a viewing of the totally wicked HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, so i had some high hopes. It starts off with a bang (involving a bound victim in a dark room), then we get the set up of the innocent, religious, on-her-knees-prayin’, rosary-carryin’ girl heading off to college and moving in with the slob, stoner co-ed. Sure enough, the “Babysitter Wanted” sign is seen pinned on the local bulletin board and off we go. Soon, someone is lurking in the shadows, watching… creeping…. following her on the road… coughing blood…. We get to the old farmhouse, meet the weird little kid in his cowboy vest and Stetson hat, his honest to goodness parents, and we’re all real happy and warm. Of course, things aren’t going to get any better, especially when the mom and pop head out for the evening.

Overall this movie makes it’s own mark on the babysitter-in-troubles genre, but it kind of got, well, tiresome for the second half of the movie. The acting got strained, the dialog wasn’t believable, the “I-can-escape-now-but-I-don’t” and the “you-should-be-dead-now-but-there-was-a-distraction” concepts are used way too often and it seemed like getting to the end took forever. In the end – it’s different – but not worth spending any money on.

Below is a big spoiler, so don’t read it if you want to be surprised by the twist. I offer it here, because i don’t recommend seeing this for the big twist, but maybe if you have nothing else to do one day. HotD is MUCH better.

SPOILER: the kid is actually the son of old Satan himself and the parents lure young, nubile co-eds out because that’s all he’ll eat… the “big reveal” of the kid’s horns is actually kind of cool, but after that it just got boring and uninteresting.



  1. I got the same feeling watching this, it was like two different movies; the first half and the second half. The 1st half was a taut thriller, the 2nd half turned into a Creepshow, comic-book style horror tale. It almost seemed like a different director took over the film for the second half. I liked it, but it could have been better.


  2. Creativity. That’s what’s missing in so many movies. Why does everyone think doing the same stories over and over again with just little teensy changes will win our hearts? Television is even worse. Makes me crazy.


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