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(Another oldie)

When I watched the trailer for this, I was excited for a SPLINTER style independent movie that was going to knock my fucking socks off – a small cast of good actors, a cool premise: isolated in a small cabin with evil all around (very much like Splinter except not in a gas station), crisp camera work and a good sense of music taste.  What I saw was a handful of five mediocre actors, a plot that was totally boring until the last few minutes, a bunch of whisper-acting, no blood, no suspense, weird music and a crappy ending. This movie has, apparently, won a bunch of awards at film festivals all over the country, which surprises me since it was a real drag.

Brother and sister drive up the highway to a lakeside cabin to meet with their dried up alcoholic dad and step mom they don’t like. They immediately start in crabbing up each other (yawn) and then go outside for a marshmallow roast. The daughter decides to take the dog for a walk in the woods, who ends up getting free somehow (the dog). They panic, find the dog who is mortally wounded and have to put her down. This causes much more crabbing and griping until a bloody stranger enters the house. Some wrasslin’ ensues and the stranger ends up with a gun, holding the family hostage “for their safety”, you see, something is outside that will “kill them all”. So he’s holding them hostage at gun point, for.. their.. safety…. OK.  Anyway, they eventually subdue the guy and then gripe and gripe and gripe about family problems which had me rolling my eyes. That always drives me crazy: something horrible has happened and then the script calls for moaning about something that NO ONE would really talk about in a time like this. I mean, if I was in some perilous situation where my life was on the line and I was getting shot at or hunted or threatened to have my soul destroyed, the last thing on my mind would be to turn to you and scream : “I WOULD NEVER BE IN THIS SITUATION IF YOU HADN’T INVITED ME HERE / YOU TOOK THE WRONG TURN / YOU FUCKED THE WRONG PERSON / STILL HAD TWO TESTICLES!!!!!!!!” Well – needless to say, everyone goes crazy with “The Evil”, some things happen and then there’s the stupid ending.

I wouldn’t waste your hard earned money on this like I did. This is a definitely one to watch for free when there is NOTHING else on TV. Does this look familiar??



  1. GaryLee828

    This is the “Evil Dead”? 🙂

    I haven’t heard of this one, either. So, reposting old entries is cool b/c some of us weren’t around when you originally posted. Hey, don’t networks show reruns!? 🙂


      • GaryLee828

        I know you said you didn’t want to do another fantasy football draft, but would you want do one while you’re at work? I can draft during tis time; it’s easy to set up a league and we can even pick the time. I publish the league and it generally fills up within an hour. I have been doing auction drafts and I love it! It’s addicting. lol. Have you ever done an auction draft, or just the standard? It’d be great fun to kill free time at work if you wanted. 🙂


      • theipc

        I appreciate it, Gary but I think I’m out. I was actually just reading the sports page in the paper thinking about how I don’t even want to do the two I’m in and wondering if I could sell someone my place in the “big” league… : (


      • GaryLee828

        oh ok, that’s cool; does fantasy football get too stressful – or are you just not a big sports fan? Do you have a favorite NFL team?


      • theipc

        I’ve always been a big fan of the Packers – even when they sucked : )

        It’s not that it gets too stressful, I just have been frustrated with the add / drops in our league the last few years. Gus are getting up in the middle of the night to pick people up and using computer programs to determine their drafts. It’s just not “fun” like it used to be…


      • GaryLee828

        Oh ok, yeah it wouldn’t be much fun if you’re not really all that competitive.

        I like serious competition. 🙂


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