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Well – this has to be the best Trapped-In-The-Water-With-No-Boat movie I’ve seen but I can’t really talk about too many of them. The only ones I think I’ve seen are probably OPEN WATER and OPEN WATER 2. I don’t remember liking the first one very much and I thought the second was better but still kind of dumb. I actually liked this pretty much up until the end.  There was just something not believable about how it actually ended but – I liked the actions these characters make and the dialogue wasn’t completely shitty, plus this looked really good.

THEREEF2Well… these characters are stuck in the water without a boat with a shark on the loose looking for food. As ALWAYS, this is “Based on a True Story”… I suppose the story is the same but something like this needs some sort of new execution or angle. I don’t know what makes this stand out from the others except for the actions the characters take. I’m having trouble thinking of words to write about this so if this scheduled post posts before I write more, I do apologize, but this is just a personal blog and not some fancy, hoity toity establishment. Plus, I need to go trim my face whiskers. I also have to get the chicken marinating or else I have to go buy something. If nothing else gets written – I think you would enjoy this BUT THEN AGAIN – it’s about some people stuck in the ocean without a boat and sharks nearby. It’s definitely tense.


    • theipc

      LOL – I tried suing them for defamation but they got off on some wanky Australian technicality. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on attorney fees I am going to go watch some movie called Among Friends instead.


    • theipc

      So did my wife – I thought it was unbelievably boring…

      the chicken turned out GREAT! We found this new packet of marinade – it’s a garlic and herb mix – veryyyyyyyyyyy tasty!!


  1. GaryLee828

    I totally agree. This movie was actually flawless up until the final 2 minutes. But I read that the movie ending was altered from what really happened; if I understand correctly the opposite happened in the ending of the true story that happened in the movie. It’s something to research if you have some spare time at work, or something…

    Nonetheless, even with the lame movie ending, this was still extremely well-executed, and one of the most intense movies I’ve seen.


  2. Awesome film. As someone who has to swim in our fine Australian oceans, this film scared the living shit out of me. I think what sets this apart is that, aside from one crappy CGI shot, is that all the sharks are real footage that has been edited into the action really bloody well.


  3. Lol! I love your reviews. I get like that – I just don’t know what the hell to say about some movies I watch. Isn’t there an animated kids movie called The Reef? I got excited for a second, thinking you’d reviewed a cartoon! I kind of enjoyed both Open Waters but could never sit through them again. This sounds slightly better…


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