Isaacs Picture Conclusions



(This is another oldie as I get the lineup for SHITFEST FALL ready to roll! Just a few more days!!)


With a title like that and a poster like this I am sure the only people that are going to watch this are looking for one or two things… that girl without her bikini on or a bunch of gore. Well, the person would be disappointed because there’s not much of either, but surprisingly this wasn’t AS bad as I figured it would be, but that could also be because the last movie I watched was The Stay Awake. In this there are seven or eight girls running around in their two pieces, even having a soapy water fight, while some deranged killer offs them one by one in a run down gas station But this film doesn’t really have much else for it, aside from being shot with a nice camera. Why is this guy so angry? Why does he howl so much? Why is he killing these people? Why doesn’t everyone just run away? Why is there actually gas in that rusted, old gas pump? Why does he have such a nice ice machine? Why does he have to hurt them so savagely (there is a bunch of blood here but all of the gore is “off screen”)?


The story: a dorky dude sets up a “bikini car wash” to make money for something – but to really hang around these hot chicks in their bathing suits. He gets his tough guy buddy to drive them there in a school bus (??) and, of course, on arrival it breaks down. While he fixes it, the girls soap up, wash some cars, one of them has sex with some dude, a French couple are murdered and no one really notices, the sex dude is murdered, then the sun goes down and most of the rest of them go down too.  There’s is no explanation why this guy is doing this, or why he puts them on ice, or anything really, just some barely clothed girls running around screaming and  then they are among the deceased.

Oh well…


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