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As you may or may not know, I put a quick post out about this movie last weekend – with the intention of 1) doing one of those quickies that people seem to like and 2) I was hoping to convince some people to go see it in the theaters since movies like this don’t seem to hang around very long. I had always intended to do something longer, but wanted to be swift in case anyone was on the fence. Well, I for one am very, very happy I got to see this at the movies because I totally LOVED it! This was my type of movie all the way – a little gory, some boobs, some tension, wicked camera shots, a little dry, black humor and a wicked, kick ass character who  fights fucking back! I LOVED IT!


The local newspaper was kind of critical of this for some reason I don’t get, and earlier I read someone’s blog site who said this was “your average home invasion movie” but I disagree. I thought this was balls out awesome. I can forgive some stiff acting – that doesn’t bother me a lot – but yeah, once those crossbow bolt starts coming through the windows and everyone’s screaming and yelling and hiding under that table, things just got fucking fun! I loved how they got smart and used the chairs as shields and that wicked awesome slow motion run out the front door. And they guy with the arrow in his shoulder for 30 minutes of the movie. I also really loved this one shot where they all go running up these stairs. Oh – and my favorite part – when the one lady freaks out for good and goes running off into the woods. Hilarious and fucking awesome! I also like the look on the dad’s face when he picks up he bottle of piss. Hilarious!


Is it scary? Well – my argument there is “Do you and I really get SCARED in movies?” I mean, I’ve been looking at these things for decades and I haven’t been scared in a movie except for a few times, mostly when I was a kid. So, no, I didn’t get “scared” so much, but I had a LOT of fun – that’s what I like about this. It was fun. It was bloody. It was funny.  And the Erin character was just awesome. This is my type of movie all the way and I can’t wait to see it again.


If I had to gripe about anything I would say the acting was a little iffy from a couple of folks and the theater I was in was right next to an IMAX showing of Pacific Rim so I had to deal with that noise – and two old ladies sitting near me coughing constantly (but that’s not the movie’s fault). If you’ve seen the commercials for this and think you’ll like it, I have a good feeling you will.  I loved it!

On another note – ARE YOU READY???? This is the last post before SHITFEST FALL kicks off…..!


  1. Great to hear!! Seen some folks dismissing it, and moan about it being violent. I’ll never understand why people who dont like horror movies go and see this kind of film, then moan about it. But hey, its nice to hear it worked for you. Plus it stars our mutual friend 😉


    • theipc


      I know – if you’ve seen the commercials or trailers – don’t you know what you’re getting in for???? This was bad ass awesome!! And honestly, our mutual friend might have been the weakest link and you know how much I like his work.

      Nice to hear from you… AGAIN!


      • You’re just upset with him because he had a little rant about you 😉

        I know, been very……busy and tied up. Sadly. But from Sept 1st I’m aiming to post EVERY day, just to get through the backlog of reviews I have ready. AND get your Shitfest entry sorted, its coming I promise


  2. Hmm. Second positive review I’ve read for this today from “bloggers I trust”. So I may give it a go. At home. So I can hide my face behind a pillow – it would look stupid if I brought a pillow to the theater with me…


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