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(Editor’s note: Interesting that the first three entries have all started with a B… curious…)


BROKEN (2006)
Directed by Simon Boyes & Adam Mason.  Starring Nadja Brand
Words cannot express how truly….truly…TRULY…annoying the lead actress in this film is!
All she does is scream and whine – scream and whine – scream and whine – scream and whine….and then after she finally stops for a minute she then…screams and whines some more!And what makes it worse is that the chick cannot even act; she is terrible!This movie is absolutely brutal – but not b/c it’s scary, but b/c of how crappy it is. This movie is horrible!And on the cover it falsely claims to be scarier than “Saw”. LOL. This movie was laughable! I will never again get suckered by a tagline.Someone said that the lead in this movie was “tremendous” or something like that. lol. No doubt this guy must be related to her in real life or an investor of the film.

This movie is not worth the space on my DVD shelf.  I am literally going to toss it in the trash. Usually if I don’t like a movie I will simply give it away, but not this; I don’t even want anyone to know I actually bought this and possibly somehow get the impression I didn’t think it was anything but complete and utter garbage!

Friends don’t let friends…watch “Broken”.


      • SHORT STORY: My next spare second will be my second. (This is my first.) The baby isn’t even here yet! (C-section date is Sept 19th, but I’m hoping this kid pops out today. It’s Freddie Mercury’s birthday!)

        LONG STORY: Every day is another mental marathon in the bullshit the first world has tricked us all into thinking is important. Paperwork. Building assorted pieces of baby furniture. Paperwork. Packing for the move to Long Island. Packing what’s not going to LI because my parents are moving elsewhere in NJ. Actually moving. Did I mention paperwork? Selling off shit I don’t need. (Goodbye DVDs, CDs and books.) Paperwork. Marathon training. Totally unnecessary double-shifts at work. In fact, when going to work is most relaxing day you’ve had in two weeks, you’re in trouble.


      • theipc


        Good luck with all of that…. Hopefully it calms down for you —- SOON! Oh wait, there’s a baby coming. It won’t…

        Good to hear from you though.


  1. Ooo, DVD shame. I’ve had that a few times. Stuff that just shouldn’t be on my shelf because if anyone saw it my street cred would be ruined. Like having two copies of Pretty Woman for some inexplicable reason…


  2. I thought the guy in the pic was Gerald Butler so I was like , huh ? I just watched Olympus has fallen and though the movie is pretty stupid and unbelievable, that’s the kind of movie that I go for ( My dad and I watched it together, and i couold tell it was a treat to him after watching so many Steven Segal films. Finally , A-LISTERS ! ! ) Anyways, back to that guy in the pic… he does look like Gerald Butler, doesn’t he? 0_0?


    • theipc

      The Woman is a TERRIBLE movie and you know I’m a big fan of the director. I can’t believe when I go read things or people read my post and tell me how wrong I am.


    • GaryLee828


      Surely you cannot say that “The Woman” is as bad as “Broken”! Even if you didn’t like “The Woman” it was far superior in the writing, directing and acting.

      “Broken” is one of the worst films I’ve ever seen……EVER!


  3. so, you have any plans on seeing/reviewing the new horror flick ‘One Direction, this is us’?? That’s the scariest shit I’ve seen advertised all year!!! LOL I’d like to nominate you to sit through that one so we can all have a good laugh at your expense (all out of love of course)
    ; )


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