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SHITFEST 2013: FALL ~ Filmhipster’s Double Feature



Sting of Death [1966]

Filmed in the Everglades National Park, Florida – Sting of Death features a half man, half jellyfish monster that lives in a papier maché hideout and dances around to Neil Sedaka’s Do The Jellyfish. It’s a lot like Gilligan’s Island only not as scary.

This clip will only take two and a half minutes out of your life, but I guarantee you…it will be the worst two and a half minutes you will ever experience in your life. Make sure you watch it right up to its very climactic end! You can hate me for it later…or crown me SHITFEST champion!


The Thing With Two Heads [1972]

I actually watched the entire film, that alone deserves a SHITFEST trophy. Don’t worry, you just need to watch the trailer. It’s horror, sci-fi and blaxploitation all rolled up into one crazy drive-in classic shitter. They don’t make shit like this anymore!



Just to add insult to injury, I’ve decided to add a little bonus material, the cherry on top if you will courtesy of our first feature Sting of Death. Here’s a whole bunch of teens dancing around shaking their rumps to Neil Sedaka’s featured song Do The Jellyfish. True SHITFEST material. Thanks for reading and watching folks.

Tune in next week for another Filmhipster Double Feature: Godmonster of Indian Flats [1973] & Octaman [1971]!

Enjoy SHITFEST y’all!

(my Eric Oklahoma accent)


  1. I think you’ve made a big mistake, The Thing With Two Heads in shitfest??? How can you get any better than Ray Miland and Rosie Grier in the same movie… and body? Just listening to the voiceover in the trailer makes me want to run out and buy the dvd! 😀


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  3. Tom

    lol hahah!!! I think the tagline for The Thing with Two Heads is all you need to read to get the gist of that one! oh my goodness that’s funny as shiite.


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