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Taking a quick break from SHITFEST FALL to make a couple of announcements. In non shitty news, I popped up in a couple of places out there last week, having taken a shower, dressed myself in a nice golf shirt and brushed my teeth.

First, I did a little piece in a blogathon called DEBUTS over at TERRY MALLOY’S PIGEON COOP where I reflected on Jodie Foster’s first directing gig LITTLE MAN TATE. Terry Malloy and his co-blogathon partner THREE ROWS BACK have a good thing going on over there, so if you – for some reason – don’t follow them, you should head over there and check out all of the work they’ve been doing. It was good fun participating in that and it’s good stuff to read.

Next up, our man Joseph at THE CINEMA MONSTER is off running around and partying at the Toronto International Film Festival so, while he is drinking Brandy Snifters with Ti West and A.J. Bowen at the screening of The Sacrament, I stepped in and offered up my Top Ten Things I Have Seen Clint Howard In. That was also a lot of fun and I know Joseph is looking for more folks to step in and offer up their personal top ten things for a regular column. Sign up!

Lastly, I would personally like to thank the person who shared my A HAUNTING AT SILVER FALLS post on facebook the other day. I don’t know who you are but that’s been wildly hit this weekend and has generated the most hits and shares I’ve ever had from facebook. THANK YOU!

Now – let’s get back to SHITFEST in the morning – we’ve got some more hilarious shit coming up this week culminating in Friday with something never before seen out here. THANKS AGAIN TO EVERYONE FOR PARTICIPATING!!! I’ve had a few responses in comments so I’ll just ask it now – do you want to do a SHITFEST: WINTER?? Let me know!



    • theipc

      I did, sir!! Was gonna properly reply tomorrow with a schedule date and such. Scrotey and I spent all day drinking beer and watching FOOTBALL. I’m on it and its epic!


      • GaryLee828

        This isn’t intended to pour salt on your wounds or anything, but what a great strategy for Clay Matthews to take out Kaepernick yesterday! He announced last week he was going to be going after the quarterback this week, etc. and as you saw the way he clotheslined Kaep on the sideline, and the penalty enabled SF to score a TD opposed to a FG that would have resulted had he not played like a neanderthal barbarian. Maybe Clay Matthews should play one of the cavemen on the Geico ads.

        I thought it was hilarious when Clay Matthews sacked Kaep in the 4th quarter and then got in Kaep’s face to taunt him, and Kaep actually laughed; Clay’s insecurity and jealousy of the SF QB was definitely in full-force. Clay got a sack and celebrated like he just hit the winning home-run in game 7 of the World Series. Kaep isn’t even thinking about Clay but you could tell Clay’s been having wet dreams about Kaep all week.

        Anyway, not a knock against GB as I know you’re a fan, but more of a knock against Matthews and his stupidity; that play cost GB the game. I can’t stand watching guys try to bully smaller guys, so this to me was poetic justice. I’m a Cowboys fan, but if one of the bigger defensive guys took a cheap shot at Eli Manning I’d want Eli to get him back. Football is rough enough when playing the game the right way, but when you tack-on cheap shots you endanger your fellow man’s safety and career even more.

        But sorry about the loss from a fans standpoint. Big game against Washington next week; can’t wait to see RG3 at Lambeau! ๐Ÿ™‚


      • theipc

        From the looks of things, Green Bay needs to get their shit together or they’re going to have a tough season. If Kaep can pass for almost 500 yards, just think what RG3 can do. Might be time for a new DC…..


      • GaryLee828

        Well, GB does need to shore up their defense, but Kaep’s a great passer, so it’s nothing to be embarrassed about; SF’s offense is better than Washington’s I think. I guess we will find out tonight to see how Rg3 looks; i’m also looking forward to seeing how Philly’s offense looks, as well. ๐Ÿ™‚


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